: Anybody heard of nav-tv.com???

06-01-06, 03:17 PM
well my buddy recently got hooked up with a bunch of wholesalers, one of them happens to be nav-tv.com now on their web site they dont list anything for the cts, but in the catalog he says theres a part specifically that says CTS-V!!!!! I know a bunch of you have been wanting this, oh I havent told you what it does.... tv-tuner built in, w/ 1 aux input, there is an option for 2 aux inputs, and an option specifically for back up cameras....and the best part is....wait for it, wait for it!!!.....plug and play....I'll get more information as it arrives :bouncy:

edit: Im sure you'll want to know how much it is....I have the wholesale price, but cant really say what it is, but if a lot of people show interest I see what my friend can do ;)

ok well, I did some of my own research, but eh, you can kinda disregard everything I said, well almost, they can still do it...but it's not plug and play and you have to ship off your radio...Im guessing this is the place that reed was talking about.....but ya they quoted me $1600 and well wholesale is well, in the low hundreds, so ya...I dunno I'll try and find out more.

06-01-06, 03:27 PM
Well, I have now...but they don't make a unit for the CTS. I like the accessories such as the backup camera.