: Hubacher Cadillac - Sacramento, CA

05-29-06, 02:39 PM
I bought my CTS-V from Hubacher Cadillac in Sacramento a couple of weeks ago. I had a vibration in the steering wheel between 62 and 68 MPH. They took me right in an rebalanced all four tires while I waited. The guys moving the cars around seemed to be very respectful and didn't act like the "goons on crack" that I usually see at other dealerships.

It's still pretty early but so far I'm very impressed with this dealer. They only sell Cadillac & Range Rovers; no GMC pickups or Buicks. Not sure it makes a difference but the sales folks, the service writers, the techs and the detail guys all seem to be a step above the staff at the two other Caddy dealers that are closer to my house.

I would compare these guys to Sewell Lexus in Fort Worth, Texas which was the best dealership experience I've had so far (over a dozen cars...).