: Bad Treatment at Dutton Cadillac in Riverside, CA

05-29-06, 10:31 AM
:mad: Problems with Dutton Cadillac. A few weeks ago we went to Dutton Cadillac in Riverside, CA and we had the worst treatment ever. We were inquiring on the New 2007 Escalade. A sales person approached us and I started asking questions. I asked when the ESV would be available because we were interested in buying one. He said that he didnít know. I started to get in the 07 Escalade and I wanted to know how it drove. I asked if I could test drive one and he said no because It would bring down the value of their vehicle. I asked if there was a demo and he said no. I asked if I could see the engine and he told me that why did I want to see it. He refused to show it to me because he said itís not what you want anyways why do you need to see it. My wife and I were fed up with this salesman. I asked to speak to the manager he said that he was the manager. I told him that he did not know how to treat a customer and he told us to leave his lot. That same day we traveled to Palm Springs and we came across another Cadillac Dealership where we told the salesman of our encounter and he said that he used to work there and that the salesman had that reputation for being bad with customers. I returned a week later to Dutton Cadillac and came across a different salesman. He was very friendly and did everything possible to assist me. He told me that an ESV was on its way like the one we wanted. He also offered us to order one. The same salesman that gave us bad service spotted me and started to give me a bad look. The new salesman noticed the negative ness of this man and asked me if we had dealt with the other guy because it seemed that he is not happy with you. I told him of my previous encounter. Well I gave my info to the nice salesman and he told me that he would contact me as soon as one came in. I was ready to place an order but the negative ness of the first salesman killed any buying desires from me. The day I found out that the ESVs were hitting showrooms I got a list of all S. California dealerships and I started calling them to see if they had a fully equipped ESV with 22s. I found it after calling many dealerships. I found my ESV at Renick Cadillac in Fullerton CA. I took my wife and we were offered a test drive and in less than 2 hours we drove off with our ESV. Yesss. The best service and treatment. The salesman was Don and I believe that the guy that gave us bad treatment in the Riverside Dealership had the same name but different person and different Dealership. A few days after we purchased our ESV I went again to Dutton Cadillac in Riverside to Service it for an alert in the Tires. My wife drove the ESV and I had my truck parked aside waiting to drop of the ESV for service. The bad salesman spotted me again and came towards me. He told me that I had to move my truck out of the area lot and park outside. I refused and I went inside to see if I could find a General Manager and I did. I asked if I could speak to him and he asked me about what and I told him it was about bad treatment with one of his salesmen in that moment the salesman walks in and sits down. I told him that I needed to talk to the salesman about him and that I did not want to talk to him. The general manager forced him out. I told him everything, it was sad to say that the general manager himself was a bit negative towards me also. I told him that I was going to write to the better business burrow and complain about the dealership. He said that he didnít care that that would not affect them in anyway. Then he did say that he was going to write up the salesman and that he was going to talk to him. So what happened the General Manager did not even apologize for his salesmanís behavior nor did he do anything to remedy my anger towards their treatment. I left with a sour taste of Cadillac for I have been a spoiled at Lexus for over 10 years. The sad thing about this is that this dealership is my local Dealership and the dealership that I have to take my vehicle to service.