: Another Dealer Dents a V

05-28-06, 07:15 PM
I dropped off the V for the usual V service prior to a business trip: Wheel hop kit, resolve the whining in the rear end, rotate tires, and resolve the oil leak between the engine and FR tire. After not returning my calls for 2 days on status, the dealer gets back to me and tells me they have some 'bad' news - they dented my V in the left rear quarter panel! And, to top this off - they already had it fixed!! No option for me to see the damage, or send someone over for pics. I have heard 2 different versions of how it happend; one version is that the owner bumped into it in the parking lot, and the other - it was bumped when coming off the lift in the garage.
I have read the sad V_SATX thread, and can feel his pain. I have done what was recommended in this thread - basically took a rental car until I can get into the dealership on Tuesday (when all persons are present) and find out what really happened. I talked to the dealer body shop and he said the damage total was ~$500, some filler and paint in the damaged area.
My question is: now that the car has minor paint and body work, do I have civil suit claims to diminished value now that the car is worth less? (blue book value drops $2,000 with this level of work). Another key point in the car had 34.2 miles on it (10 miles RT to the body shop).
Sounds like another case of dealer abuse, but I am wondering what my best plan of action should be.

05-28-06, 07:38 PM
That is total crap that they fixed it without telling you.

Go for "diminished value".

05-28-06, 07:44 PM
Holy crap. Reason #152,371,824 why we hate most of our dealers.

Which dealer was it?

05-28-06, 07:59 PM
Good question Stealth (I think you have made tracks in this dealer area), I am waiting to see the outcome on Tuesday before I unveal the dealer name. Even though this was a bad deal, I want to give them a chance to right the wrong. The internet can be a positive/powerfull tool with these large dealerships.

05-28-06, 08:23 PM
Since I live just a wee bit north of you, just trying to avoid those that should be.

05-28-06, 08:30 PM
Stealth - I know you have worked with many V owners in the area, can you estimate how many V owners in the Twin Cities, MN know of this forum and view it regularly? Just trying to understand the impact of our V owner alliance.

05-28-06, 10:21 PM
Understand completely and I've yet to find a dealer that I don't fear handing over the keys.

05-28-06, 10:59 PM
I have witnessed this punk from the dealership doing a burn-out on a customers car, as well as have seen them drive customer cars (more then once) over speed bumps at a very not so good speed for the car, so I can definatly see them fuking up rides :mad: .... Full review on that dealership can be found under the dealership reviews sectoin, or this link here: http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-dealership-reviews/74563-rydell-cadillac-northridge-ca.html ..... this can be some usefull info for some SoCal residence looking at dealerships and their service dept.

My new dealership knows this and I hope they will be different, but I did get my car back last friday and have found a few screatches on my back bumper :mad: and I didn't have them a couple of weeks ago when I had my cars front end re-painted for rock chips.... not sure if they did it or not, but sucks either way :crybaby: I hope they didn't do it and it's just bad timing..... :hmm:

05-30-06, 08:55 PM
Just wondering how the situation is moving. I would also like to know which dealer it is since I am also in the metro area.

I have been to one for service (radiator and tires) and one to have the key fob replaced and one for an oil change.

I think I have one in mind for future service. Let us know...

05-31-06, 09:07 PM
Here's the latest. I met with the Key Cadillac Service Manager and President /owner on Tuesday morning. I found out that the owner backed into the car with another black CTS, denting the car just above the rear fender. The entire rear quarter was repainted. The owner was very apologetic. The General Mgr admits that the normal communication protocol was mishandled (contact the owner first). I am asking for the difference in diminished value ~2,000. I have also noticed that I get a very loud CLUNK when I shift into 4th or 5th. They have stepped up with an offer of 1,000 in credit at the dealership, not quite acceptable at this point - especially after the new shift noise.

05-31-06, 09:40 PM
Sorry to hear the not so good news. They should warranty the noise. It wont cost them a thing.
Work them over to get a good settlement. :want:

I will cross them of my list. I did go to them to fix the key fob and was someehat pleased with the service, granted it was a very small service order.

It makes me wonder that they may have tried to hide the whole thing if you told them you were going on a trip (it gave them some time to plan something):hmm: . I bet if you didnt call for a status check and just picked up the car after your trip that they might have said here is your car. You may have never known what happened.....

Keep us informed on the progress.....

06-09-06, 08:08 PM
I finally have resolution on the dent and subsequent classified bodywork done to my car. After trading voicemails with the GM, I visited his office and we had an interesting discussion about how often used cars at dealers are touched up and repainted by the dealers bodyshop. I guess it happens all the time. He said that my car would still be considered 'excellent' condition (even though the kelly bluebook value drops 2K when ANY paint or bodywork is done). I reiterated my point that a potential V owner will be much more concerned about paint or bodywork (as compared to a potential used Deville buyer). Since there are only 9,000 of these cars on the road as compared to 9,000,000 Devilles this paint and bodywork is not common and will affect value. I think he agreed and was understanding of the situation. SO, after a LONG pause and a 'what do we do now' comment, we decided on a dealer credit of 1.5K - not exactly what I wanted - but thought it was the best deal we could strike without taking it a step further (civil court). In the end I will still enjoy this car as much as I always have, and maybe I can get more MODS!!! I mentioned this to my wife and she was interested in getting her Deville breaks done now :bigroll: