: Hi

01-12-03, 03:05 PM
hey everyone,
just sayin hi and that I switched over from the other forum, I have the aging coupe deville with the 4.1. I was thinkingn about a 4.9 swap, but the costs were going to be a little on the high side so it never happened. Right now I'm in college, and need a reliable car so the caddy may be set to the side but I'll hang on to it for a while.

01-12-03, 05:06 PM
Hi Kurt! Welcome aboard.. And thanks for signing up! This place just got started so it'll take some time before it really takes off - but it will.. Search engines haven't even begun to send any traffic. As soon as we're listed, it'll pick up ten fold..

In the meantime.. Do hold on to your Caddy! What do you have in mind while you're waiting to fix it up?