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05-28-06, 03:04 AM
I was talking to someone recently who has been doing some work for GM on the 2008 CTS-V, he said it will be a 2 door. I specifically asked if it was the XLR he was working on, the answer came back CTS-V.

Has anybody else heard anything like this?

05-28-06, 03:29 AM
Autoweek mentioned something about a 2dr model, but not replacing the four door.

An addition to the line I believe.

05-28-06, 06:17 AM
Anybody hear about an AT (w/ paddles?), maybe cylinder deactivation? :nono:

05-28-06, 10:37 AM


One of the sales guys I talked to yesterday said they believe the coupe is coming, but it may arrive later than the sedan.

05-28-06, 10:46 AM
Please, please not a dodge truck grill....

05-28-06, 04:27 PM
I hear ya, that grill does nothing for me that I can tell. I don't see anything wrong with the V series grill we have now. I hope it stays.

05-28-06, 04:49 PM
You will NOT see a CTS-V 2 door until you see a CTS 2 door. I know Cadillac and GM are getting innovative but this is GM! The beancounters will make sure there will be plenty 2 doors, not specialized for the V.

05-28-06, 10:04 PM
i am thinking that is a photochop...

why make a 2 door caddie. pretty crowded market already between bmw, infiniti, mercedes, acura (stopped selling theirs), volvo, and i am sure there others not coming to mind...

05-29-06, 12:01 PM
That image is clearly a photoshop image. I am surprised it eneded up in an article.

Notice the "post" behind the passenger side window (like our "V"). The driver side has no "post" and you can see the artifacting.

Am I just stating the obvious? What the heck I need to get my post count up so I can get and send PM's. :bigroll:


05-29-06, 06:52 PM
It's always possible it's a photochop, but the sales guy at the dealership had a photo from the Bob Lutz interview with 60 minutes that wasn't shown in the broadcast. It showed the two talking with the covered car in the background from the side and some kind of vertical display. It didn't take a engineer to see the distance between the front and rear wheels was only enough for a two door car and he said they've "heard" of a later release of a coupe. Maybe they only built some prototypes and are considering it.

06-05-06, 01:49 PM
Here's a link to the site I had mentioned. Some of these shots I don't remember seeing in the aired 60 min interview. In any case pay close attention to the first pic. Look at the distance of the right side mirror and the rear wheel. That looks like a 2 door car, plus check out the display behind it. That's a 2 door car in the concept, plus the letters going up the side sure look like they say coupe ?


06-05-06, 05:35 PM
there was an article in auto week about this. The article also said something about the next V engine being a northstar. I hope they stick with the LS series, but we will have to wait and see I suppose.

06-05-06, 08:18 PM
The July issue of Motor Trend talks about the likelihood of a two door option. Additionally, they go on to say the LS7 is very likely. Think about that... If the 2008 V will have the LS7 - what's in store for the Z06.

06-06-06, 05:14 AM
60 minutes stuff up at:


I will add the 2 door pictures too soon.


06-06-06, 03:42 PM
Man......by the time they come out with a Coupe V and LS7, I'll have my V paid off. This would quench my thirst for a coupe. :D :thumbsup:

06-06-06, 04:28 PM
Man......by the time they come out with a Coupe V and LS7, I'll have my V paid off. This would quench my thirst for a coupe. :D :thumbsup:

Yeah imagine that dream. A lighter car minus two doors and misc hardware with a 500HP engine... woohoo :thumbsup: