: Stainless Works Long Tube - Installation Instructions

05-27-06, 09:40 PM
Does anyone have a copy of the install instructions? I'm planning to give the install a try tomorrow but I can't seem to get my hands on the instructions. Their website seems to have the instructions online for every version except for the CTS-V.

The install seems pretty straight forward but Iím curious whether or not they require the removal of the coil packs, as well as anything specific to this header installation. I read the B&B install so thatís where the notion of removing the coil packs originated.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!


05-27-06, 10:00 PM
Removing the coil packs is easy and definitely eases the installation.

I was able to do mine by backing the car up on ramps and putting the front on jack stands and following the instructions on StealthV's website . I did the entire exhaust in one evening though an air ratchet was extremely helpful working in the tight spaces.

The O2 sensor wires are harnessed on the back of the engine. I had to disconnect these from their attatchment points on the engine. Once done, the wires will reach the new front O2 sensor locations.

05-27-06, 10:00 PM
I put mine on.Follow stealthV's instructions in the faq.Thats what I did.You need to remove everything in your way.The passenger side rear spark plugs and header bolts will be easy to get to from underneith the car.

05-27-06, 10:19 PM
Hey, John, I basically memorized Rick's instructions for the B&B install in order to do my Kooks install, and it's a nearly perfect match except I have three additions:

1) When you do the driver's side, you may (I had to) disconnect the steering column and swivel it over. It may sound initially a bit difficult, but when you see it, it's really easy. One bolt and it telescopes out of the way. :thumbsup:

2) There was no mention of reinstalling the dipstick tube in Rick's writeup as I recall, and I just about freaked out when I realized I couldn't see where the hole was to reinstall it. Before you remove it, take good bearings on where exactly it comes out of. I monkeyed around for awhile, then it went right in. Not bad, actually, but I bet my eyeballs were each ten times their normal size! :eek:

3) Have plenty of friggin' bandaids. My hands and arms looked like I had a close encounter with a big set of egg beaters.

BTW, definitely take the coil packs off ... they're really not that bad. Also, take the spark plugs out ,too.

TAKE YOUR TIME! BE PATIENT! I did mine all by myself; it's all logical and Rick has blazed a good trail for us; you'll do just fine. :highfive:

05-27-06, 11:02 PM
Yep, reinstalling the dipstick is the worst part of the whole job.

Was it just me or was installing headers easier than installing a shifter & bushings?

05-27-06, 11:05 PM
That reminds me. I did buy a set of mechanic's gloves. Money well spent. They definitely saved my hands from much abuse.

05-28-06, 10:00 AM
I had to grind down the mounting bracket for the dipstick to get it to fit right.
Didn't have to disconnect the steering, cause I just removed the last manifold stud on the drivers side and it went on easily, then reinstall the stud.
PS: Get a set of ARP studs, good time to change plug wires also.

05-28-06, 04:07 PM
Can anyone tell me where the dipstick hole is? This has been a very rough day!!!!!

05-28-06, 04:32 PM
Can anyone tell me where the dipstick hole is? This has been a very rough day!!!!!

Hey give me a call if u need help


Dont forget the Ho2s need longer harness.


05-28-06, 06:11 PM
You can see the dip stick hole from underneith the car.