: Underhood Differences - 95 to 96 FWB LT1's

05-27-06, 04:43 PM
The 1995 FWB I'll be getting soon looks completely different under the hood than the photos of the 96 models I've seen here on this BB.

The 1996 models seem to have more shrouding, especially forward. To me it looks like the shrouding is covering twin fans on the radiator. Or is that something that is simply an option on either year pertaining to the heavy duty cooling package?

If so, it would appear that my vehicle has the "wimpy" radiator.

Can somebody help me out on this?

Also, what am I getting into to make the changeover to the H-D cooling system, including a transmission cooler?



05-27-06, 04:59 PM
Now I'm not sure when they made this change, but I know at some point between 94 and 96, they changed the fan from being a crank driven one, to a electric one. My '95 Roadmaster had a crank driven fan, and it was quite annoying.

05-27-06, 09:35 PM
Nope, you're wrong.

If you saw a Fleetwood with a large shroud in the front of the engine compartment, that means it's a Tow Package car with the mechanical driven fan--something that's actually VERY rare to find. A lot more Roadmasters and Caprices had them, but not the Caddy's.

95% of Fleetwoods don't have that shroud under there, and i.e., no mechanical fans but 2 electric ones instead. A great system, quiet, and very efficient with very little of any drain on the engine like the mechanical fan can be.

So, to answer the question, there's no real "underhood differences" between any '94-96 Fleetwood, except for the fans if it's a Tow Package (again, rare) car or not.

No worries...the car you're getting is the same as most other Fleetwoods out there, with the electric fans and, actually, some added cooling upgrades thanks to the Brougham option package. Impala SS's had the exact same system. There were 3 systems for Fleetwoods, the base system with electric fans, the upgraded cooling with electric fans in the Brougham models, and then the system with the mechanical fan for Tow Package cars.

And with this system, you already get the transmission and oil coolers...that's not just a HD or Tow Package thing.

05-27-06, 10:08 PM
Aha, thats why! I had the Tow Package in my Roadmaster, with the oil and tranny coolers.

05-28-06, 12:20 AM
The Heavy Duty Cooling System (opn code V08) is the one with the mechanical clutch fan assembly. It can be a beast to work with. There is a lot less room up front. The fan shroud only leaves a few inches open to the front of the engine. I tore up my wrist this weekend replacing the heater hose assembly that connects to the water pump. Tight places requiring small hands.

I'm not sure how the Extra Capacity (V03) differs from the Heavy Duty (V08) cooling system in actual radiator size, if it even does. The V03 option is installed with my "Plane Jane" '94 Fltwd. which does have the two electric fans.

05-28-06, 08:45 AM
Now it gets worse:bigroll:

Wife has seen me poring over the hard copy I printed out from this BB - line the typical nit-picking engineer - and other sites about all the tech data about Caddies and . . .and . . .and . . . she peeked over my shoulder and has noticed that . . .oh, my God . . .Since we sold our big Dodge B250 Van/Wagon with 7,000 tow capacity, and she saw that the base FWB can tow a substatial amount . . .well, you have guessed the rest.

All I wanted was a big cushion of cooling capacity in traffic!:alchi:

So, now, does anybody know of some kind of trailer hitch that can be hidden and/or won't screw up the looks of the gorgeous FWB?

Second - - - I will put BOTH feet down and we will get nothing bigger than what I have researched as a small RV popup weighing no more than 1,200 lbs. Right now it looks like the thingy called Aline. Looks like a tub on wheels when towed and a tiny A-frame house at the site. Enough for the 2 of us and the 2 poodles and 1 25 lb (oversize) bichon.


05-28-06, 04:15 PM
Oooh, I'd never subject any Fleetwood to that, even if it could take it...:)

I forget what the stock rating would be for the car you're getting, but there's 5k and 7k upgrade versions to the tow packages, so it has to be under that. Regardless, you should be more than fine with something like the 1,200 pounder you mentioned.

I'm not too keen on all the hitch options, but just like with the intake and other stuff, I'd recommend looking around over at the SS forum...there's a very good chance you'd find what you want over there.

05-28-06, 06:01 PM
My Roadmaster had a hitch on it when I got it. I forget what type though.

05-28-06, 06:37 PM
Sorry to take this off track, but I thought there might be interest. I had a hitch company install a class III on my Fltwd. I've included some pics. I looked a three or four product applications, and for the availability, distance to installer, etc. I went with the DrawTite product. It is getting a little edge rusty, and could use some paint.

I'm not sure what a "hidden" hitch is, but with the black receiver cover (GM truck accessory), you can hardly see the one installed on my Fltwd. It doesn't protrude out from under the bumper at all unless the ball hitch is installed. A complete paint job would cover the DrawTite logo if that was a problem.

Note: The rear end is a little low, because the air level system has not been activated for a long time, and the shocks are not pressurized at all.

05-28-06, 08:15 PM
That looks quite good, and hardly noticeable at all (or wouldn't be with a general glance over).

Not sure why I mentioned the "hidden" thing--I was thinking of something else when I said that.

05-28-06, 09:44 PM
Thank you Scurling!:worship:
Photo 2, especially, doesn't look too bad at all!
I guess I could live with that.:crybaby:
The tongue weight for the Aline RVs is in the neighborhood of 100 lbs, and that's about what I used to carry in fishing or hunting gear in the trunks of other cars, so it shouldn't be much of a burden to a 2.5 ton FWB despite the leverage disadvantage at the end of a trailer hitch.

Supplemental tranny cooler in order?
And if I go that route, I'd get one with thermostat.

Rick 186

05-29-06, 09:44 AM
I am planning on getting a Class IV hitch for my FW V4P this summer, we hope to be moving soon, so I will be ditching my existing Class II hitch. The Class III's don't really meet the spec of the V4P from what I gather, as the V4P is rated 840 lbs tonque and up to 7000 lbs. Class III can't do that unless you are weight distributing. I see no mention in the FSM or the Owners Manual, or my 1995 guide that details the V4P package that says that you need weight distributing for that weight. Class IV hitch "supports" that weight. That is, if you are gonna tow serious with it.

My Class II is up for grabs when I get my Class IV. On mine you only see the part where the reciever goes in, nothing else, so fairly hidden. It is rated 3500 lbs/350 lbs tongue. I have 2 draws, 1 7/8" ball and 2" ball.

V4P cars come with special wiring harnesses in the left rear trunk under the velco sides. 5 pin flat with a pigtail for your own trailer to have a custom harness.

05-29-06, 10:22 AM
Heavy towing, yet another thing you can't do in a Town Car!