: 1977 DeVille rear bumper

05-27-06, 12:16 AM
Could someone please post a close up picture of the rear bumper from a 1977 DeVille. I am interested in the portion that has the reflector in it. Is the reflector a glue on piece or is it bolted on? I have a 1978 with a damaged center section and I was told about a good 1977 one that is available. I just want to see if it can be used and what the reflector looks like in it. Thanks Junk.....

05-27-06, 04:34 PM
What do you mean "reflector"? Do you mean the tail light lense? I don't know of any reflectors on those bumpers.

05-27-06, 04:48 PM
Just inboard of the vertical tail lamp housings on the end of the horizontal bar, between the two rubber strips there is a reflector mounted. This is the area that I am refering to on the 1977. The 1977 uses differant tail lamps and bumper ends than the 1978/1979. Thanks Paul

05-27-06, 04:54 PM
OK, well I don't recall ever seeing that reflector on a '78 or '79 so it must be a 1977 specific part. Sorry I can't help ya!

05-28-06, 09:45 PM

Took a peek at the back of my bumper. The reflectors are held on by one bolt each, mounted in the center of each refelctor. The 77 bumper is completely interchangeable with 1978/1979, the latter two just lack the reflector because in those years it was moved to the lower part of the tail lamp housing. I'd post a pic, but being technologically challenged, I don't have a digital camera. Sorry.