: Dealer scuffed wheel - cost me $200

05-26-06, 09:33 AM
The dealer scuffed my wheel at the last service and said they would replace it. I'm getting my tires installed today and wanted to use the old scuffed wheel as a spare since I'm not using run flats. The dealer just informed me that I owe them $200 for the salvage value of the rim they scuffed. I don't understand this line of thought. My car, my wheels, they damaged the wheel yet I have to pay $200 for the old wheel.

It's too late now but I probably could have bought a spare scuffed used wheel locally or off the internet. Wonder how much a beat up wheel goes for these days. The $200 is really burning my tail.

05-26-06, 09:59 AM
I really do agree that the dealer is treating you poorly, here. Just in the interest of a good customer relationship, I think that they should give you the damn thing, and if they have any decent looking female employees on the lot, probably a "lunch date" with her, too.
But, I do understand their line of thinking. They damaged your property, and then replaced the property that they damaged. You were put back into a position that was the same as, or even slightly better than the one you were in, depending on the condition of your rims. If your car was brand new, you are in the same position. If your car was a year old or so, maybe you had a few nicks and scratches on the rim - so getting a new one puts you in a better position. They have no responsibility to put you in a a better position, which is sort of what you expected. You'd like to have had your rim replaced, and to have kept the old one, too.
Again, I agree with you. This dealer could treat you a lot better.

05-26-06, 10:05 AM
It wouldn't have been a bad idea for them to give you the rim they messed up but I wouldn't have expected them to either since they gave you a new one. As for the $200 price for the old scuffed rim, I don't think that is too terrible of a price (without knowing the extent of the damage).

05-26-06, 04:37 PM
$200 bucks for a scuffed wheel is pretty good, if you had to buy one. My tire dealer scuffed mine, replaced it (with a reconditioned), and let me keep the old one. Once a got a second set of wheels and snow tires, I sold the scuffed one. Got $270 plus shipping.

The $200 he is quoting you is probably the core charge for the one he replaced it with.

You really have to watch these wheels when removing the tires, especially if you still have the F1 EMTs with the super-stiff sidewall.