: what's the most horsepower a V has produced?

05-25-06, 07:46 PM
I did a search and didn't find anything. I was wondering how much wheel HP a CTS V has produced. The only stipulation is it has to be the LS2 or LS6 block. It could be bored, stroked whatever.

05-25-06, 09:55 PM
Most Honda throttle bodies will bolt onto the D series intake manifolds. Couple that with 9 pusher radiator fans and dynos can't measure high enough so we don't really know.

Seriously, there are a rare few with 600+ at the wheels. Many more in the 450+ range. Even more in the 360+ ballpark. With the remainder being 330+.

05-26-06, 10:05 AM
751 is the most I've heard of. Vortech supercharged 435 from Mallot. It was reviewed in one of the major car mags a while back.


05-26-06, 10:54 AM
:yeah: Mine should be in that range when I finally pick it up in the next few weeks. Disregard the mods at top it's not even close to that now.


PS It's all been done at www.thunderracing.com (http://www.thunderracing.com) , bash the rear if you want, but that's the last thing I'm waiting on before I become a menace on the roads.