: XLR V and my CTS V

05-25-06, 04:20 PM
Got the diff fluid leak resolved at the dealer today and my salesman let me drive the X-V. Wow. However, i did notice my CTS V seemed to have better response off the line if that is possible. There was a little SC lag that of course our cars dont experience. Everything else about the XLR is awesome. I'm 5'11" 185lbs and felt a little cramped but that is really nit picking as i should maybe lose a few anyway. Stepping into it is like an explosion of power that was really neat and handling was great...scared the salesman i think. Great ride but rather have my V car though when all things are considered.

05-25-06, 05:42 PM
Never had the pleasure of driving an XLR-V but did drive a STS-V and the regular XLR; I still prefer the CTS-V. The CTS just seems to have an edge drive-wise that the other V's can't match in terms of roadfeel and response. It's like, my wife would like driving the STS and XLR-V's....