: How would an Edelbrook low restriction air cleaner work on a caddy?

05-23-06, 10:09 PM
I want one like Ricks, what would I have to do top make it work? the air cleaners on my '83 & '90 caddys have a lot of little hoses going to the air cleaner, can I just dis-connest these?

another reason I want one is that today I got the chance to drive a '91 Brougham with a 307 and the custom air cleaner, and it had a really nice sound, was that the air cleaner?

Heres what I want

also, do they do anything for power? I want one for my '79 and maby my '83.

Night Wolf
05-23-06, 10:30 PM
'91 was a Chevy 305 or 350, no 307...

'83 has the HT4100, '90 has the 307 or 350.... all those engines *especially* the 307, have mass amounts of vaccum/emmissions lines... the 307 is a bear with that... the 425, in comparison had very little.

You don't want to just block them off, if they are going to the air cleaner for fresh air, they will need their own mini filter... just size up a breather element that fits it.

For mine to clear the AC lines and compressor, I needed a total of 1.5" of air cleaner riser, I also hd to get an air cleaner kit, comes with a stright threaded rod sicne the factory is S-shaped to fit the factory air cleaner housing. Mine just cleared it enough and no hood clearance issues. It was the 14" Edelbrock open element air cleaner.

It really cleaned it up, besides looking better, no more dryer hose to behind the headlight, and no more hose going form the exhaust manifold... and it looks cool.. and sounds cool.

Power, yeah, it seemed to help... tho I had a nice thing with the intake going... modified '68 472 intake manifold, 1" carb spacer, performance rebuilt carb and the open element air cleaner... she was a beast.

The sound, when only running on the primarys, it would make a low suction sound... run it hard and let the secondaires open... and she was quite the beast. All factory/stock exhaust (had a slight exhaust leak form the left manifold) the only thing added was the air cleaner, made it sound really cool... turn heads too. I liked it alot.

This video is big, 61mb big.. if you have 56k, forget it... but it is of the best quality sound and video I have of it.... you can hear the sound of the 425 at part throttle and WOT..... I really miss this car.


Night Wolf
05-23-06, 10:36 PM
running thru the gears in drive.....



05-23-06, 10:40 PM
Hmm, I thought it was the same 307 from '90.

Would I just get the other stuff I need drom autozone or something? I'm just looking for one for my '79 and maby the '83, would the '83 have a lot of stuff that the '79 wouldn't?

BTW cool video, I had a link to the page where you keep the videos, so I watched them all, I miss that car.

Night Wolf
05-23-06, 11:19 PM
307 ended life in '90.... '91 and '92 used 305 as the base engine... sure its got better numbers on paper, but.... the 307 is last of the small block Olds... I am a Caddy nut, but I am also an Olds nut, and I'll take an Olds engine over a similar Chevy engine, even if it means taking a hit in the power department.

Auto Zone... yeah... my choice is Advance ;).

The '79 would be the easiest.

You need the air cleaner spacer kit, it will come with 1" and .5" spacer, you will also need the stright threaded rod with wing nut, and the 14" open element (I think the Edelbrock looks the best, they are all the same price) Also a cheap breather element, I got one of those APC ones... something for the hole int he valve cover, for the grommet, I bought a PCV breather grommet but it was too big, so I cut a chunk out until it fit and the breather filter fit and made a good seal, in fact, in that picture you posted of my car, look on the left valve cover, facing in, you can kinda see the chrome/filter of the breather element.... all it does is suck air, so that way its filtered, oil dosn't come out and debris dosn't get in.

That page is my website... InoventionsEast.com is the main page, from there you can go from there... its more utility then pretty, as I just use it to store stuff... I really miss that car too.... I am getting the '89 Brougham in a couple months tho... its in worse shape then my '79 was, but I don't know if I want to fix it up first, or starting getting stuff together for getting a 472 or 500 in there... gotta see.

05-23-06, 11:26 PM
Ok, thanks Rick, I like advanced auto better too, autozone just came to mind faster for some reason.

Its too bad your not in my area, I could make that '89 a killer, I just got done doing a full detail job on my friends '91, took it from total hooptie to a really nice daily. he had the wires like yours. By the way, are you going to put those back on the '89?

Night Wolf
05-24-06, 12:11 AM
Yeah, from my past experience when we had a commerical account at both Advance and Auto Zone... Advance just carries much better brands.... in fact the only thing Auto Zone had that I liked better was the really cool girl my age that worked commerical that was fixing up a Karmen Ghia.... so cool...

Plus, I work at Advance now.... kinda biased... besides being a corporation, which I don't like working for at all, I like it alot.

This car needs more then a detail job... Really the most important things it needs is some body work... a spot of rust, and some dents... then a whole new paint job... then the driver seat is all ripped and the arm rests are cracked... really, thats the biggest of the problems.

The wire wheels on my '79 came on this Brougham, I removed them after the accident and they will make their way back on the Brougham.

That car has around 200k on it, but was maintained well, the 307 will never die and the trans was rebuilt about 60k ago.

So I don't know if I want to mess around with the body work, maybe try painting it myself or get a cheap paint job on it for now... so it would look nice but still have the 307... or let it look how it does, but work on the 472/500 and TH400 combo (would be getting into more then I want tho) and enjoy the big block Cad again, but leave it looking kinda beat...

I think for now, I'll live with the 307 and over drive... and fix it up a little... maybe use it as a daily driver for a bit, who knows.

I can easily spend alot of money into this car.... but I really want to save up for a Jeep... I dunno... I have access to alot of parts for cheap from the junkyard... it does need a new rear bumper tho.

Since these pics, it has 4 new painted filler panels, it also has a dent ont he lower crease across both passenger side doors....

That '87 Brougham... I'll also be getting, that car has 220k on it, in worse shape, but new engine 15k ago and new trans 70k ago.... maybe make it a low rider or something, lol.





I like the interior alot... a nice medium grey leather with special black piping, and the seats have wreaths in them....


ripped seat:


carpets need a good cleaning.. floor mats are trashed...


Its got a moon roof tho!


Back seat... my mother was watchign a kid, hence the baby seat... its in good shape tho, I really like the colors alot... I used to think it needs ALOT of work, but really, some basic body work and a paint job, and some seat repairs are the biggest thing... so... what 17 year old daily driver with nearly 200k miles (speedos been broke) dosn't need a paint job and leather seat repair?


The top is fabric, not vinyl.... very cool. Its kinda faded a little, but in good shape... but I found this stuff you roll on to bring the color back, so I would restore the top black again....

If it gets painted, it would be the same exact color... this car needs to remain the exact color and look as it is now... when she got the car back in '99, it was mint, form FL with 70k, it would shine like no other... now it needs some TLC.... but its free and will be a fun project.


05-24-06, 12:46 AM
Nice! so your also getting the brown one for free? damn man, you can't beat that! I would also leave your moms Brougham stock if I were you, very classy looking. only thing I might do is go with some sort of silver insted of the light grey, but thats just me. I love the cloth top, it looks pretty good for the age, I've seen some really bad ones, pilling, rips, you name it. a little fadding is nothing. I can't wait to see what you can do with it, and I'd leave the 307 for a while, its a good engine. I'd put more time into the body and interior, then if the engine ever goes, get a 500. whatever you do, it'll be sweet.


Night Wolf
05-24-06, 01:14 AM
Yeah, I'll be getting the brown one.... later this year or some time next year. That has surface rust on it, needs a paint job, has brown velour interior that has alot of stains/wear etc... it is pretty much a work car now... has made countless trips from NY to FL, tows a small utility trailer etc... but runs great. Its my mothers finacee' car, he was getting really mad at the car because it wasn't running right, until I adjusted the timing on it.. fixed it right up, now he likes it again.... I keep telling him to bring it to a Macco or something, get the rust fixed and a paint job thrown on it. He has had that car since 70k, also from FL, many years now.... its been in 2 considerable accidents with him... he was rear ended when stopped then pushed into car in front of him... car was fixed.. then he was hit in the front left corner, whole new front clip was put on now...

My mothers Brougham... its a very sweet looking car, I don't really care for the gold grille (or gold badges) but I have stuff that may clean the gold right off to reveal a very bright silver finish. The color... silver... eh, my Olds is silver metallic (Platinum Metallic) I would like to keep it the factory color, just maybe add some metallic flake....

the 307 is ok for now, but it can't stay.... that car is going to be my project car just like my '79 was... tho its more difficult to swap into the Brougham the '79 it was direct... its not going to be a 10 second car... but I want it beefy... I want low-mid 14's from the Brougham, but looking completly stock and clean... running a Caddy 500, getting enough power to propel that car thru the 1/4 mile in ~14.2 seconds will be easy enough. Not the fastest, but fast enough for me, fast enough for the car, and fast enough to have a whole lot of fun messing around with people....

My worst thing with cars, besides transmissions, is body work... I hate rust and paint... I feel its the only thing I can't do.... so having this car kinda makes me feel down a bit, since the Coupe also needs a paint job... but maybe if I can do the body work myself, I can get a decent Enamel paint job form Macco for a decent price... if I can and in turn the car looks alot better, then I just may do that.

I miss driving a RWD big body around.... although the 307 dosn't have the power to lay rubber or get it sideways... it'll still be fun.... I'll get the windows tinted and work on the sound system, I love my music....

Who knows, I am kinda getting past my driving fast years... like, I still really want to do the 472/500 build, but for a daily driver, I don't feel the need for any more power then the Coupe has to offer, granted its more powerful and a whole lot quicker then the Brougham... once I drive it (again) I may realize that the power it has is very liveable... I mean, its not horrible, its just not a hot rod... but it is a cruiser!

I learned to drive in that car.... only took 41 days... then I took my road test in that car too.

The 200R4 was recently rebuilt, the 307 has alot of new parts, new carb... the thing is actually quite peppy, that new carb did wonders... it also shifts really nice, almost like it has a shift kit..... so, who knows.... probably some time this Augest is when I'll be getting that car... really not all that far away... the Olds comes down in July.... so I'll have the Olds and the Brougham here at my apartment complex with the Coupe being stored at my parents place... Olds will be daily driver and I'll be fixing up the Brougham.

05-24-06, 07:43 AM
In the 85-90 307 cars, the air cleaner had a just vacuum to the thermac IIRC. Yes, if you go open element, you can plug. But, you will see some delayed cold warmup drivabiliy in the winter.

Me? I designed a dual snorkel for mine and fed it with large 4in ram air ducts from under the front bumper. I don't like my engine breathing underhood heat. Remember, for ever 7 degrees drop in intake air temp, is 1% more hp. So going from breathing 100 degree F maintained air from the aircleaner thermac to the open element may drop air restriction slightly, it will breathe 220 degree air all the time. Promoting pinging and possibly forcing reduced timing or increasing octane to compensate.

I would:
1. in summer, disconnect the thermac, run non heated air to the stock air cleaner.
2. Get a good AC Delco filter, or a K&N if you so desire, avoid fram and other cheapie filters.
3. The ultimate cool factor is to desgin a dual snokel off the stock air cleaner and make it fully functional with the thermacs (in winter) and duct it for ram air. This maintains an overall cooler intake air temp, allowing for slightly higher timing or lower octane requirements, helping power. At higher speeds it could even help fuel economy (probably 100 mph and higher....)
4. You could also be creative and make a nice cowl induction too, makes for a clean engine compartment, but likely won't look stock. I like the stock GM look.

I want one like Ricks, what would I have to do top make it work? the air cleaners on my '83 & '90 caddys have a lot of little hoses going to the air cleaner, can I just dis-connest these?

another reason I want one is that today I got the chance to drive a '91 Brougham with a 307 and the custom air cleaner, and it had a really nice sound, was that the air cleaner?

Heres what I want

also, do they do anything for power? I want one for my '79 and maby my '83.

05-27-07, 10:58 PM
So, today I was out giving the engine compartment what was probably one of it's first cleanings ever. And I have the air cleaner off anyway, so I think I'll get a low restriction one and put it on. So now that I'm (after a year haha) getting down to business, I have to ask a couple dumb questions.

What EXACTLY goes on the one hose that leads up under the air cleaner? Do I plug it or is there some kind of little mini filter that I need? Please elaborate.

Also the grommet that covers the hole in the valve cover. Where would I find that? I have no clue what part I need to buy.

Remember that I a non-mechanical type that can't go much farther than changing the oil or checking the fluids. I know, I'm a disgrace.

05-27-07, 11:40 PM
A filter isn't a bad idea, it is the air intake side of the PCV, so any air that goes in there, goes into the crank case, so dirty air in, makes the oil dirty quicker, and that dirty oil has potential for who knows what sort of dirt that can accelerate engine wear, and possibly do lots of damage.

BUT, if it is the Olds V8, it has a filter AFTER the air cleaner in the valve cover, so it should be relatively safe. If Chevy V8, see if you can adapt the Olds filter....

05-28-07, 09:32 AM
It has neither, it's the 425 Cadillac Big Block.

Where would I find a mini-filter?

05-28-07, 10:20 AM
Check local parts stores and see if they have anything in the performance section. K&N and the big names have them, but you don't need fancy, just a cheap one from Autozone or some place like that in the dress up section is fine.

Night Wolf
05-29-07, 07:38 AM
I opened the thread to see the engine bay of my '79 :( It's been over a year....

Now that very same air cleaner is sitting atop the 307 on my Brougham.

Anyway... the 425 you said?

You need the 14" air cleaner (all the same, I think the Edelbrock looks the best) an adapter/riser kit... you need all 1.5" of spacing to clear the AC compressor (307 only needed 1") and you will need 1 mini filter.... look in the APC section, IIRC its the only one they've got... even then, I think I still had to modify it to fit, I wouldn't want to leave the PCV system on my car opened up with no air filter. The 307 needs 2 mini air filters (PCV and AIR pump)

Then remove the intake hose and the heaterhose from the exhaust manifold.

I think it does help power a little... these old snorkel systems were not really all that flow freindly. They do sound cool.

However if you live in a colder climate, the engine will not warm up as fast... no hot air from around the exhaust manifold entering the engine.

05-29-07, 08:56 AM
If you have lots of underhood room, get a 79 Olds 98 Diesel air filter. 14" x 5". SWEEEEEET filter..... I used to used one under the hood of my 76 Olds. It fit under hood in the Olds diesel full size cars.

I think the 5.7L diesel trucks from 78-8? used it too. Might be getting rarer now though, but shouldn't be too hard to find.