: Question about 89 Brougham steerinbg wheel

apocalypse dude
05-23-06, 08:47 PM
hello, first post and thread, hope yall can help me out. I own a 1982 deville which was recently smashed up/.. and i stumbled across THE DEAL of the Century in buying a totally decked out brougham for 2.2 grand. has a fresh spray job in original color or the dark navy, its killer... the guy was moving and for some reason couldnt sell it so i lucked out. I feel like i robbed him bigtime, he origonaly wanted liek 4 grand...

It is the D'elegance model( listed here http://www.100megsfree4.com/cadillac/cad1980/cad89b.htm ) and my long drawn out question is this: In my 1982 deville the sterring wheel is the color of the interior with matching woodgrain inlays and hard. In the new 89 Brougham it has the "Leather-trimmed steering wheel, $115" option. The leather is a little worn and loose on top where you would put your hand when driving one-handed cruising. Now if that option was chosen did they simply leather line the steering wheel over top of the woodgrain style one ( if that was the default for Brougham non d'elegance model) or would underneath the leather trimmed one just be a plain like gray or black injected mold generic thing.??? I would actually prefer the matching wood grain hard style of steering wheel than the leather one, i like the way it feels "thinner" than a modern fatt puffy steering wheel that you can find in any car. The leather cover actually looks pretty decent for the age so if noone here has any experience with this ill probably just leave it alone.

Underneath the leather padded cover where its a little worn it feels exactly like the one in my old 82 Deville. I would take the one from the deville and put it in the new brougham, but its faded and even though the color of blues look close im sure it would stick out like a sore thumb. SOmetime ill make a threead compating my new caddy to my busted old one ( before the insurance takes it off haha)

Sorry for the long drawn out post, but at least i bolded the only part you need to read

05-23-06, 09:30 PM
I think they just put the leather over a regular caddy steering wheel, that way they wouldn't have to make another mold for leather wrapped ones. The only thing I can think of is maby not having the wood ring installed, in which case you might just be able to take the one out if the steering wheel in your Deville and put it in the brougham. If the leather is faded, they make a lot of great leather dyes, go look in the appearance modifications section on this forum.

Hope that helps :)

apocalypse dude
05-23-06, 10:06 PM
thanks. i would love to jsut have the wood grain. like i said the leather is faded but its not really bad. Ill make a side by side comparrison thread tomorrow or the next day or so between my cars and you guys are gonna flip out when you see the Brougham.. It has flipdown cd player with remote and not only has the power open trunk ( like most if not all that you do in the glovebox) but i can also pop it from the keychain/alarm controller hhaa

I looked on that sight and m ost of the options that are listed in the cadillac history webpage it has. It does not have the towing package installed. The AC has also been conferted to a modern freon system. The paintjob is mirror finished and glittery like new.. There are a few scratches here and there but nothing that cant be touched up IMO. The bumper extenders where also replace in back and front prior to the new paintjob. The window tint is also the same color as the car and looks really really slick, its perfect actually. Sometimes i think that the solid black tint style you see here in Texas alot doenst look the best.

I mean side by side, the two cars look almost identical in design. Except the brougham is all pimped out, and while my deville says "interior by fleetwood" it still is pretty much a lower end model. I was surprised though that my brougham doesnt have the automatica fuel/mpg digital readouts oposite of the passsenger side mirror controls like the DeVille has ( although pretty much every "high-tech" electronic thing in the DeVille doesn't really work anymore. Its even tricky to get the windshield wipers to shut off haha)

Was the 1989 Brougham simply a Deville like my 1982? I now the deville went to front end drive and had some changes after like 1984 or something, but the Brougham from 1989 is still rwd correct like the older Deville? I havent messured the carsss but the deville seems longer to me by about a foot in the front end.. All this different names confuses me, especially when you see the pick of my two cars which really look the same. One is totalled and the other is pimped out. I told someone today that i restored my old car (as a joke) and they believed me ahah..

The three problems with the car are: the antenna control motor went out and was unplugged ( antenna alos got broke off in a car wash ahha), the oil pan gasket needs to be replaced because the car has minor oil leak when parked, and the owner installed a carborator himself but its not tuneed exactly perfect or needs some work ( the car sometimes needs to have the gas pumped three times or so to start and will also sometimes go "chug-chug-chug" after you cut it off instead of a dead stop. Has anyone else had these problems and is it easy to fix on my own or should i just take it in. Anyone have a reliable Cadillac mechanic in Austin Texas?

i know im asking alot in this thread but i dont want to join in one day and just start spamming up the place with my stupid questions.

05-23-06, 10:16 PM
I cant wait to see pics! the caddys are exactly the same size. and it is RWD its basicly the same car, a lot of stuff could switch right over.

I'm really lucky, I have a '83 Coupe Deville and a '90 Brougham d'Elegance side by side, and soon a '79 Phaeton, so I get to see all 3 generations of the best cars ever made :)

apocalypse dude
05-23-06, 11:10 PM
the insurance is going to offer me 1500 for the smashed DeVille.. should i keep it for parts instead if they are basically the same? Im just most likely gonna let them take it for 1500 or try to get my injury lawyer to get me 2000, which would mean i got a total PIMPED out same car for 200 bucks !!!1

The downside to that is the messed up back and neck which keep me sidelined and out of work for a week, and im really just taking it easy at work now and get back and neck pain pretty easy if i stress myself because i do pretty physical work. Still have to go to the chiropractor 3 times a week for another month or so. Insurance is gonna pick up that tab... idiot drivers man, im lucky i was in my Deville and just got whiplashed, i hit an f350 dually work truck going like 35 mph T-bone when the driver ran a red light.

05-23-06, 11:18 PM
You could keep it for parts, almost every body panal is the same, and a lot of chassis stuff too. plus all the little extras like the mirrors, bumpers, trunk mat, and tons of other stuff I can't think of. plus what you don't need, you can sell on ebay! That car probably saved your life, a while back I saw an accident where some young girl in a civic hit a guy with a '79 Eldorado in the drivers door going 35 mph, and the power window still worked! these things are tanks.

05-24-06, 09:34 AM
Something makes me want to say that 1984 was the first yr. for leather-wrapped steering wheels option in the DeVille. Anyway, in 1989 the wood insert was not used. Even if it was, chances are that it would adhere to the leather and lift right out with it as you removed said leather. I have seen this happen with just the cheapo vinyl wrapped stuff. Look for the correct color leather wheel in salvage yards or here, etc.

Good luck,


05-24-06, 05:44 PM
The leather wrapped wheel was available as far back as 1980, I'm not sure about 79 and earlier. As far as I can tell from brochures it was available across the whole line.

05-25-06, 06:58 AM
1979 too. and I think '77 and '78. no idea before that.