: Old Battery?

05-23-06, 01:26 PM
My 2005 CTSV goes completely dead after parking it in the garage for three to four days. Since this has happened repeatedly, I decided to take a closer look at the battery. The battery is a 2001 delco and states life of only 6yrs. Is that normal to have a battery with older date than the car? My vehicle has 15000 miles and I've made sure nothing was left on to drain the battery. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks for any advise..

05-23-06, 02:06 PM
are you serious? Im gonna check mine...it's on it's 3rd battery.

05-23-06, 03:39 PM
Mine went dead this last weekend after not driving it for 3 days. I have a wrap around warrenty and the battery is covered under it. So if you still have warrenty on your car they replace it for free and do a systems check on the vehicle. Hope this helps....

05-25-06, 05:58 AM
I quite seriously doubt that your battery is 5 years old. I suspect you are misreading the date code.

Try using this information or post the date code for us to review. Someone would have to hide a Delco battery someplace really safe to keep one that old on hand.

Battery date codes are 5 characters. The first is 4 for 2004. The second character will be letter A for January through E for June. The third character will be N for New Brunswick and the last two characters will reflect the day.

Plus that's a 101 series battery. GM didn't put those into any production cars (that I know of) until 2003.
I have seen 4 year Delco batteries last for 8 years, and I have seen 7 year batteries last for 1.
The battery should be fully charged and tested, then a parasitic load test should be run to verify that there are no malfunctioning systems on the vehicle. If you have any aftermarket equipment, make sure it's installed properly.

05-25-06, 04:26 PM
There was definitely a bad batch of batteries in the March/April 05 build timeframe. I've had mine replaced already.

One of the problems with premature failure is that it is often related to a one cell that is near death, while the others are fine, making it difficult for the dealer to reproduce without a thorough load test.


05-25-06, 05:38 PM
I have never bought a replacement battery from GM or any auto manufacturer. Read a few magazines with battery performance tests. I have used the Optima for many years. Mount it in any position: sideways, upsite-down, whatever. Best selling feature is essentially no prorated replacement value. It is fails within the very long warranty period, trade it in for a new one. There is not one thing consummable on a motor vehicle that is worthy of like-for-like replacement. If I own something that fails in the first year or two, it certainly is not going to be my replacement.