View Full Version : My `78 Coupe DeVille FI

05-23-06, 11:16 AM
Here's a link to a gallery of shots of my Coupe DeVille, it's close to being done, but still waiting on the headlight buckets to be modified to fit the `88 Caprice 1 piece headlights, and another round of color-sanding & buffing, but it looks good enough for now...


Modifications are plentiful, I come from a Mini-Truck / Sport Compact background so I planned the mods more from that aspect, hence the removal of all trim, molding, handles, locks and the staggered width wheels & tires (20x8.5 w/ 245/30 zr20 Toyo T1-R front / 20x9.5 w/ 285/25 zr20 Toyo T1-R rear)... it has full air ride with 2 nitrogen tanks in the trunk, full a/v, 111,000 miles, body was pretty straight when I got it, it's factory Fuel Injected, interior I left stock because its probably a 7 out of 10, more pics to be added later, I just took a couple shots before putting it away in the garage... I usually ride my Triumph Daytona 675 m/c, so this thing was just done for fun... My first car was a `78 Coupe DeVille, I hade a `77 for parts and then like my 5th or 6th car was a `79... and now after at least 2 hand fulls of cars I bought this one and just decided to have fun with it and build it the way I always wanted to... It used to be Black with Gold top, but I changed that...

05-23-06, 12:06 PM
Nice!!! I love the color, its like Western Saddle Firemist meets Go-Mango

How about some interior pics?