: New Cadillac Owner - "It's a Gift"

01-27-04, 12:44 PM
Last week, my mother who is 75 years young offered me my late stepfather's 1990 Cadillac Sedan DeVille. This is my first Cadillac and am enjoying the novelty of owning such a flagship automobile.

One of the first things that I did was to purchase a set of the original dealer brochures because I collect them somewhat in my spare time. The 1990 full line and accessory brochures are very classy and works of art unto themselves.

My 1990 DeVille has 38,500 original miles and is equipped with:

Dark Burgundy exterior with a silver-gray lower accent panel; the body has accent striping on the sides and trunk matching the lower body color.

The interior is Burgundy leather with few flaws other than standard wear and distress. A friend told me to use some neutral color shoe polish with mink oil on the slight distress on the leather seating areas and they do look a little better after doing that. I am told that it is unusual for the driver's side armrest to not have cracks but this one is perfect.

As near as I can tell here are the options on this car:

Option Package "D" (including front and rear carpeted floor mats, six-way power passenger seat , front and rear seat adjuster, trunk mat, illuminated entry system, illuminated vanity mirrors, trunk lid power pull down, Twilight Sentinel, remote release fuel filler door, automatic day/night mirror, electrochromic trumpet horn)

Rear window defogger
Digital instrument cluster
Full padded vinyl roof
Cast aluminum lace wheels

Paperwork indicates that a new Sears DieHard was installed in October 2003 along with 2 new tires on the front (rears look OK).

Obvious defects: Sun damaged leather steering wheel cover (plans to replace), broken driver's side seat recliner lever, small paint chips in front plastic bumper/trim (plan to fix when weather permits), faded driver side outside mirror cover (might get it repainted).

Current and future improvements: Last night I put a K&N "filter charger" permanent air filter in the engine and did some general engine compartment clean up
(interesting side story- apparently last fall a squirrel had placed a walnut in the air filter box for safekeeping! :histeric:Wait until they discover that the car and nut are GONE. Something similar happened with another car I owned- I wonder why the mfgr's don't put some sort of a baffle in the filter box to keep squirrels out?)

I am planning to install Sylvania Silver Star bulbs in the low beams and turn signals as well as replacing the spark plugs with Bosch platinum +4's. I am hesitant to swap out the Delco cassette stereo for an aftermarket AM/FM/CD but I miss not being able to play CD's in the car! I wish that there was a non-Bose OEM CD option (or is there?).

In summary- from a few yards the car looks almost showroom new and with the exterior options it has the appearance of a Fleetwood. I considered upgrading the emblems to gold equivalents but I am thinking that it might be better to leave the car as original as possible.

I looked up the value of this car at edmunds.com and am SHOCKED that they have so little value. I feel that this is a heck of a car even at the original 1990 MSRP and I feel that there are many years of good service left in it.

Any comments are welcomed.

01-28-04, 08:50 AM
WELCOME to the forums
glad to see you on board,
that is a good situation on your part to get that deville.
About the resale value of your car. you need to realize the car is 14 years old now,
I am jealous of your LOW mileage though.

01-28-04, 09:03 AM
Welcome aboard!
Nice catch. It does look like a Fleetwood at first glance.

07-14-04, 12:14 PM
Nice car!
Swapping the steering wheel might be tough (as in tought to find one thats got no sun damage or wear 15 years old..)
Change the stereo will make a huge difference, forget about getting one thats like a factory replacemement, go for an aftermarket unit. I like cd players that play mp3 too, that way one disc holds about 10 cd's worth, no changer needed.
Plugs and bulbs are your call, if its need them.
read that caddy engines really prefer Delco plugs compared to Bosch or aftermarkets, maybe its just for northstars....not sure

i think caddies are on of the most undervalued and mispriced rides out there on the US markets today! You just cant find a super clean mega luxo mobile at these prices. period. alsso upkeeps not bad compared imports (its just gm parts after all) GO CADDY!

(with that said, i think the 05 caddy's are priced out of reality though.....I mean you gotta be trippin to plop down over 70000 dollars for caddy when you can buy so much more....)

Anyways, congrats!