: Bad oil Leak

01-27-04, 10:22 AM
I have a 95 sls there's alot of oil under the the tranny pan and the engine pan it looks like the rear main seal might be leaking and when I run it hard the of oil is noticable and have to add about 2 quarts a month on it anyone have an idea how much it cost to fix it or a way to make stop leaking Im trying to sell the car

01-27-04, 03:08 PM
Hard to tell over the internet where the leak is....LOL.

You really need to properly diagnose the leak source. If it is leaking and dripping as bad as you describe then it is more likely the oil filter adapter or an oil cooler line fitting. Both of those are readily accessible on the left side (front) of the engine block from below. The oil filter adapter to the block is sealed with wide o-rings that are easy to replace. The oil cooler line fittings are also sealed with small o-rings that should be easy to replace, also.

You just have to get the car on a hoist or ramps and use several cans of brake clean to spray/wash all the oil off and then start it when clean and dry and find the leak source.

If it is the rear main seal (unlikely I'd say) then that could be isolated by removing the small torque converter dust cover and cleaning that area up.

If all else fails, any Cad dealer can add the dye to the oil that makes it fluorescent looking under a black light. Using a black light you can then instantly pinpoint the source of the oil leak.

02-06-04, 06:38 PM
Well I looked for the oil cooler but it doesnt have one