: new to Cadillac

05-22-06, 05:06 PM
Hello everyone!

Let me first say that I am an oldsmobile guy from head to toe, but I just
bought An 89 Fetwood Brougham, that came with 307/200-4R. (both of which I junked)

I Have a motor a trans that I built, 1970 350 rocket, and 200-4R that were in a cutlass for a while before I sold the car.

Can you guys tell me what's involed with dumping the computer? I've done this exzact swap in several cutlass' but I've heard that if I take it out the climate control won't work, is that true?

Also I destroyed a couple 7.5" rears with this motor and trans. Is there a an 8.5 that is a strait swap?

Thanks Cody

05-22-06, 05:54 PM
Actually I swapped the stock 305 in my '91 FWB for a 355 L98 from an 87 350 Iroc. After the swap the A/C did not work. After a little research I realized it was because I put a carb in place of the stock fuel injection. The A/C was wired from the Throttle body carb. I bypassed all that and it works perfect now. I dont know if thats the way its wired through the electronic carb on the 307 but you can always hook everything back the same way it was with the 307 onto the 350 (use same carb). The climate control should work fine even if you go with a different carb. Dont ditch the computer, leave it in there and just disconnect the wires you wont be needing under the hood. As far as the rear goes I believe the 91-up models have a stronger rear and you can use the rear from a 9C1 cop car or Impala SS. I stomp on my car quite a bit and so far have had no problems from the rear (knock on fake wood trim). Good luck with the swap.