: GTO Shift Knob height....

05-22-06, 03:19 PM
I just received my GTO shift knob and boot from Australia. I love everything about it besides the height of the knob. I hit it with a rubber mallet and got it to go down a lot but another 1/2-1 inch more would be superb. Any suggestions? I know some other members have done this mod so hopefully they can shed a little light on this. Thanks in advance.

05-22-06, 04:32 PM
I assume you drilled out (enlarged) the interior plastic bushing of the knob to accomodate your shift stalk (UUC or stock or whatever.) If you'll look inside, there is a cross-member at the end of this bushing, way inside the knob, that incidentally goes 90 degrees the opposite way of the stock knob. That is as far as you can go to enlarge the plastic bushing, any deeper and you'll drill into the top of the knob. So if you've enlarged the plastic bushing 'till this cross member, that's it. On mine, the knob fits just fine height-wise as I've drilled that deep. However, since the cross member goes the opposite way of the top of the stalk, there is no internal stop so the knob will turn on the stalk if twisted with any force - I've yet to come up with a permanent solution so it does not rotate easily.
Hope this helps and is not confusing to read.....

05-22-06, 04:58 PM
I didn't drill anything so far. I just pushed the knob on and it's very very tight. After driving the car today I think I'm getting used to it and might even keep it this way. :thumbsup: If I change my mind I'll drill it out like u suggested. Thanks for the info.