: 2000 deville dts (Engine runs rough when 1st started)

05-22-06, 11:57 AM
Help, My engine runs rough when its first started. It does not matter if it sits overnight or for just an hour. Its a 2000 dts with 90k miles. I installed new plugs last week but my problem is still there. The problem does go away after I bring the RPMs up, it almost feels like I'm blowing raw fuel or something out of the cylinders. It only takes about 10 seconds of reving the engine and it smooths out and runs great. It does not matter its warm or cold. Could I have fuel leaking by the injectors when the engine is not running.

Any help would be great.

05-22-06, 12:45 PM
leaking injector(s) or FPR most definately. I believe you can remove the fuel rail with minimal effort on the 2000's... pull the rail, and turn the key to run (not start) for the fuel pump to prime. Check for injector leaks. There's also a guide for the FPR in tech tips.