: Need some alarm help...

05-21-06, 09:24 AM
I cannot seem to get the horn to beep when i lock the "V" the alarm sets. I went to the NAV's setup feature menu and set it to activate the horn, but still, the horn will not beep whrn i lock the door with the key fob? What am i doing wrong?

05-21-06, 11:48 AM
alarm may not be activated..happened to my car. try to lock your car but keep the windows down, then wait a few seconds and reach from the outside and open the door lock with your hand not the remote, and see if the alarm goes off. if not take it to the dealer to have it set...your alrm isnt activated..:tisk:

05-21-06, 12:03 PM
What would cause the alarm to be de-activated?

05-21-06, 06:44 PM
What would cause the alarm to be de-activated? mine came from factory de activated..im sure im not the only one that had this problem?? had to bring it into the dealer so they could programm it...

05-21-06, 07:06 PM
I solved it....

I went back into the nav feature menu and noticed that the horn at alarm set did not save last time i exited out.. It all set now. Thanks..