View Full Version : need help on replacing the idle speed control motor

01-26-04, 08:36 PM
HI Again,

I have had nothing but car problerms the last few months, here we go again.

I definitely had a bad idle speed motor, makes sounds like the gears are shot and today went ahead and had it properly diagnosed and it is bad. I located it on my car and want to do this myslef if at all possible, Can anyone help here.

I did the egr valve with no problem, is this much harder??? Let me know what you think, I know alot of people on here have the skills and knowlege and I appreciate all the help I can get. I have thousands wrapped up in this car and am trying my best to keep it running well.

Also, when I took it in today I had them check my exhaust systme, it seems louder than normal, and he told me that on one of the two mufflers there is a pinhole size hole. He recommened fixing the idle motor first and then seeing if the noise is still there, any thoughts on that. I am still noticing a bit of a smell (like a bad fuel mixture) but I am not sure whats that from, I thought the egr valve and cleaning would help it but it hasn't.

Thanks, really want to take care of the idle control motor and go from there. I tried to find more help installing it in here but came up empty,, thanks agian


01-26-04, 09:41 PM
Pretty simple to do. Just look at the idle speed control motor on the side of the throttle body. Unbolt the bracket that mounts the ISC motor, R&R the ISC motor in the bracket and put the bracket back on. Plug in the electrical connector to the ISC motor.

Start the engine and let it idle. It should, if everything is working correctly idle at 700 or so in neutral with the idle speed control motor controlling the idle speed based on the control inputs from the PCM.

Hold the throttle open slightly to elevate the RPM. Depress the plunger of the idle speed control motor while holding the RPM elevated to 2000 or so with your hand on the throttle lever. The ISC motor plunger should retract. Let it keep retracting until it stops. Quickly pull the ISC motor wire connector to freeze the plunger in the completely retracted position. Gently let the idle speed down by slowly returning the throttle lever to the closed bore position. In this position there should be about .030 inch clearance between the tip of the plunger and the throttle lever...and...the engine should be idling aobut 450-500 RPM. There MUST be some clearance between the plunger and the lever when the plunger is fully retracted. If not, then adjust the plunger length by turning the plunger. When there is adequate clearance between the plunger and the lever recheck the 450-500 idle speed. Reconnect the wire connector, cycle the key several times and you're done.

The idle speed control motor should be ready to go to work for another 100K.