View Full Version : Strange vibration - getting worse - any ideas?

Ziplicon Tuesday
05-21-06, 09:09 AM
Can anyone help with this? I have been noticing a slight pulsating noise from outside the car at certain speeds (40-45 mph). It sounds like a uneven tire belt or something. This morning it was more of a rumble/vibration I could feel - as if a wheel was coming loose (but they seem tight). It almost felt like gears in the rear were not in sinc.

Sometimes in the morning I feel a vibration seemingly from the front tires but that goes away as soon as the tires wram up - I've heard of that before and is to do with the all weather rubber compound. This is different - though I guess it could be related.

Any ideas? It's starting to worry me (and has F'd up the day I had planned after polishing the V last night). I'd really appreciate any guidance on this.

05-21-06, 11:54 AM
Check the molding across the top of the windshield. Mine had come loose and make a terrible sound at a certain speed. I thought it was a tire-wheel issue because it sounded like it came from the passenger back wheel area. Hope that's all that your is, easy fix (although they broke my windshield fixing it) and quite common from what I hear from the dealer.

05-21-06, 12:17 PM
I had a vibration in the steering wheel that occured between 60 and 70 MPH. I took the car in and my right front tire was out of balance. They rebalanced all four tires and the vibration is gone. The dealer said the CTS-V wheels are difficult to dynamically balance since you can't put weights on the outside rim.

May be something completely different, good luck!

05-21-06, 01:43 PM
I get that vibrating steering wheel in the morning too. It does go away. I'm on 20" wheels with Nitto tires, and they aren't all season. I also noticed my car pulls to the right, slightly. As soon as I can get some new rubber on the stocks, I'm going in for a performance alignment. For now, rolling on my 20's around town is ok. Maybe the alignment will help the vibrating too.

I don't know about the wheel feeling like it wants to come off though. :(

05-21-06, 03:18 PM
I get a vibration in the front (shimmey or shake).

I attribute that to the tires being cold as it does go away.

05-21-06, 03:36 PM
Lemme guess, the dealer said it was, ummmm, normal ??

Ziplicon Tuesday
05-21-06, 06:20 PM
Glad to hear the morning tire vibe is at least fairly typical. I havent taken it to the dealer beacuse it's basically a waste of time. Their service has yet to accomlish anything - I get far better input from the forum.

05-21-06, 10:46 PM
Presumably you didn't change tires recently. My Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 245/45 ZR18 96Y M&S make a helluva racket at 80-82 mph. Avoid these wheel hopping, humming, get stuck on a snowflake run craps. No morning sickness though.

05-22-06, 05:23 AM
Recently I had a somewhat similar vibration. It started as a small vibration and got worse. At first I thought it was a thrown weight from one of the rear wheels, then found one of the rubber bushings on the differential mount was going bad. My dealer, (One of the great ones) replaced the bushing with no questions but the vibration was still there as big as life. It turns out a bolt was missing and another one was loose at the back of the drive shaft where it connects to the differential.

Like you say, it felt like one of my rear axle's was going to fall off. You might check to see if any of the bolts are loose.

Hope this helps.


Ziplicon Tuesday
05-22-06, 12:01 PM
This is freakin me out - this morning it felt like I was completely out of balance for the first 10 minutes over 60 - then it went away.
I also noticed the whine everone has been talkinig about now - does it happen around 70?
One more thing, when in gear but coasting, I hear a slight reverberating sound (sounds like a tire belt out of wack) but it isn't that because if I push the clutch in it goes away. It's worst at 47 mph. Is this normal or now that I have the whine, might it be to do with the differential? All of the bolts "felt" tight.