: Steering shift in hard right turns...

05-20-06, 08:00 PM
Some time back, around 3 months ago, I had my front end aligned. The car has always had some oddity feeling when I would get into a harder turn (yes, sorry guys, I do corner hard in my Cad!) the steering would feel like something would shift and the alignment suddenly changed. They guy who did the alignment checked it when it was up and said all was ok.

Well, I went to change my oil today (Rotella T 30W, finally found it!) and found my right side tie rod sleeve on the inner side of it, was loose! It was allowing the tie rod to deflect when I would pull on it.

I don't know 100% if this was it, but it looks like it. I retightened all the bolts to be sure, but that one was bolt tight, but not tight enough. Thiis could have allowed the crummy sheetmetal sleeve to collapse and a major steering problem occur at a very BAD time.

Advice? Check after your mech, especially if something doesn't feel right. I didn't take it back, I should have, he probably would have caught it.

05-21-06, 01:47 PM
I would at least take it back for a recheck, and to let them know what you found. I'm sure the shop manager would like to know also.

05-21-06, 05:04 PM
Probably a good idea. I'll try to if I can find the time. I work so much I am rarely ever home (they are 2 blocks from home and I work 62 miles from home....) where they can take a lookie.

05-22-06, 06:17 AM
I have a similar issue but when turning to the left my problem is its not constant either so I've also thought it had to do with the ground since it has only happened on the expressway offramp when turning left around 45.........

Its strange but thiers a spot in which the steering does change or at least feels like it does.

I really won't know unless it starts happening more often.

05-22-06, 07:56 AM
Mine would happen when I would get into a turn a bit hard, it would all of a sudden start to turn in the turn more. So it would get a touch unpredictable. And if I would back off, sometimes it would go back, sometimes not. A bit diconcerting feeling. Only right turns for me, not left. I was thinking it was the power steering issue everyone complains of, but I knew it was something in the suspension.

I really think I am going to switch to the Edelbrock/Hostchkiss tie rod sleeves. Seeing how weak these are really concerns me. There really isn't anything to keep that sleeve from collapsing except it's strength, and it is only like 3/16" in thick sheet steel.

Take a close look at them tie rods, especially if they are up there in age like mine (188K miles and rocking and rolling!)