: Brake pad install question

05-20-06, 05:51 PM
I installed the Hawk HPS pads I bought from Lindsay today. On the back of the stock pad was a metal backing plate and also some sort of fiber plate. Do either or both of these get installed with the new pads?

The fiber pad looked like it was originally part of the pad and had perhaps separated (or else it was a separate part that attached itself to a couple of the old pads). The metal plate looked like an additional part. Therefore, I installed the Hawk's with the metal plate but not the fiber one. I'm writing because during bedding of the pads I actually experienced brake fade which has never occured to me in 30k miles of driving. Pretty strange feeling to stand on the brakes and not even have the ABS kick in. :eek:

I'll also add that after bedding the improvement in braking was very noticible. I was expecting some improvement but it was much more than I expected.

Lastly, with 30k miles and 2 trips to the track (4 days total at a very twisty road course) the stock pads had about 1/8" of material left before hitting the wear indicators.

05-20-06, 10:12 PM
Ron, don't know if this is much help, but I installed my Hawks about a month ago, and I don't recall a "fiber pad" being there on the OEMs. And, with about 21k on the OEM pads, they had quite a bit more pad on them than I expected they would, though I didn't measure them. Since they had so much use left on them, I kept them around as opposed to tossing them out, too.

05-20-06, 10:13 PM
Just install the metal backing plate. Make sure to use some CRC Dic Brake Quiet or similiar product to glue the backing plate to the pad.


05-22-06, 06:07 AM
Yes the steel plates go on the back of the new pads.
The factory pads do have a plate attached to the back but it's not removable.

05-22-06, 06:30 AM
The steel plates should go on the Hawk pads. Use disc brake grease or anti- seze between the back of the pad and the metal plate. The hawk pads will give you the feeling they are not going to stop at first, but when the heat up they will stop much faster than the stock pads, and very little brake dust.