: Fuel Rail Replacement 96 sts

01-26-04, 05:05 PM
I found a hole in my fuel rail that is spraying gas all over the place. From reading the postinings, I have decided to replace the entire fuel rail system. I have purchased the part. Is there anyone out there who have done this before? Is there any special tools or procedures needed.

96 sts, Northstar

01-26-04, 09:53 PM
Pretty simple to do actually. Remove the top cover by removing the four plastic acorn nuts. The fuel rail snaps into details formed in the intake manifold itself. Each injector pod has a barbed arm or lever that snaps into place when the injector is seated and depressed. Just pop the lever out of the lock at each injector pod, disconnect the ground wire and the fuel return and supply lines and lift the entire rail and injectors off the engine. Remove each injector and put it into the new rail. Replace the injectors/rail assembly onto the intake, guiding the injectors into their ports. Snap each injector pod into place by pressing the locking detail into place. Hook up the fuel lines and you are done. Replace the top cover and the acorn nuts. Use some vasoline or engine oil to lube the injector ports in the fuel rail and the intake to ease insertion of the injector tips. Nothing to adjust or calibrate. Plug and play.