: V in a Volkswagen commercial

05-19-06, 08:34 PM
Just seen it while watching Detroit v. Cleveland on ESPN. Black V with nerds driving the Volks. I would've blown their doors off like I did to this IS300 today that tried to pull me. I was hoping it was a 350 instead. Gotta love this monster.

05-19-06, 08:37 PM
Everytime I see one of those VW commercials I want to do one of two things: first vomit all over my living room and then grab my 45 and put a slug into my brain.

The worst commercials ever. They are pretty much saying that if you don't want a nice car or don't care about what you drive then buy their POS. Drives me insane!! Not mention I'm already hyped up from watching playoff ball!!

05-19-06, 08:37 PM
I saw it too, and just logged into the forum looking to see if anyone had posted this yet. I would have F*&*ed those nerds up

05-19-06, 08:47 PM
If any V owner ever ever admires a Passat, we're getting plane tickets, SRT-8's, bus tickets, donkeys, camels and driving up to kick his ass.

05-19-06, 08:49 PM

05-19-06, 09:10 PM
Flame me all you want, but I really like the unpimp your auto VW commercials. The fast commercials are cool too. But I would never be caught dead driving any of VW's POS's.

05-19-06, 09:34 PM
I'm with Barak - the unpimp commercials are some of the funniest crap I've ever seen. My wife and I totally dig them. We even download them from you tube.com to cheer us up at times. The fast commercials are alright too. The commercial at discussion here I have yet to see so I have no opinion, 'cept I know of a W8 Passat wagon that is a killer "snowmobile", and I'm a big fan of the 1.8/2.0T engines.


05-19-06, 10:29 PM
I love the "unpimp" commercials and the ones where they stage real accidents and film the airbags popping are shockers, but the "low ego" bits make me sick. Show me someone who would prefer a POS VW to a Viper and I'll take his lunch money and give him a swirly.

I haven't seen the one with the V, but in the one with the big dude banging on the Escalade, there is an E55 or S55 AMG leaving the light at the beginning of the commercial.

05-20-06, 06:17 AM
I tried for awhile to find a link of the commercial with the V with no success. Anyone else have luck?

05-20-06, 08:09 AM
Don't know if watch the NBA but the commercials are in heavy rotation there on ESPN.

05-20-06, 10:56 AM
I like most thier ads, but these new insult type ones are just stupid.