: Attention towards the American sports sedan

05-18-06, 01:26 AM
The Cadillac CTS which was introduced as a 2003 model has initiated a new styling theme at Cadillac and is basking in the attention.

For 2006, a new sport performance option enhances its sporting character, while a sport appearance package can give every CTS the look of the mighty, Corvette-powered CTS-V. These options complement the new generation of V6 engines and transmissions introduced for 2005.

The Cadillac CTS (Cadillac CTS)delivers all the elements required of a good sports sedan, including rear-wheel drive, strong power, a first-rate automatic transmission with manual shift capability (or an excellent six-speed manual), and a superb ride-handling balance.

05-18-06, 06:31 AM
Singin' to the choir? :confused:

05-18-06, 07:24 AM
what is your point?
you can start a new thread if you have anything new to share.

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