: New Toys!

05-17-06, 01:23 PM
Okay, so I have been pinged by a couple of people asking why and with what I am replacing the V with.

1. '04 GT3 in Carrera White over Black, full leather option, large aluminum option, blue belts and leather Euro GT3 seats. Just how I would have ordered the car. I am having this track aligned and corner weighted to go have fun in.

2. '06 S2000 in Yellow over Black, not much else to tell here. This is going to be the wife's new street and autoX car to keep her entertained when she is not racing her spec Miata.

The V is hers and I had toyed with the idea of keeping it but I am out of garage space and live downtown in an unsafe neighborhood for leaving cars out. Storage is not an option as I am maxed out in that area too. I will miss the V and all the other great V owners that I have gotten to hang out with but given the option between more track cars or a crazy fast street sedan, the track cars win in out for us. Besides, the GT3 makes a crazy street machine and leaves the V in the dsust. :thumbsup:

I will post pics of the new toys ASAP!