: timing pics, homemade locating pins, please look

05-16-06, 05:06 PM

Promised before to post the results of my homemade locating pin experiment for the heads (too impatient for dealer). Not the prettiest, but they seem to work just fine. Pics below.

And some help with timing please!
Just did my timing, attached below are pics. Before I throw the cover back on I want to verify that everything looks correct - including chain guides, tensioners, etc.

What I did was, I lined the dots up on the crank sprocket and intermediate sprocket vertically.. crank sprocket dot at 12 o clock, intermediate at 6. Then, I set the pins on the camshafts all to 12 o clock relative to the surface of the heads. Everything is currently set in such positioning. I haven't cranked it all the 14 times to see if it will realign, but initially I did to achieve the alignment of the crank/intermediate sprockets. Anyway, please check it out! Thanks,