View Full Version : The Dealer forgot to put the additve in my rear diff!

wicked v
05-16-06, 01:23 PM
So I take it in for the clunk, whine, moan and they change the fluid. Tell me it should be good to go. Well after driving if for four days its worse then ever! I have the service writer check to see if they put in the additive and of course they did not. My question is can this cause additional damage? They want me to drive it over there so they can put the additive in. I know im going to need a rear diff. mine has 24,0000 on it and I just changed the fluid at 20,000. Does this mistake give me any leverage if my rear goes out completely after my warranty?

05-16-06, 01:29 PM
Oh yeah, you should get new diff (again) out of this deal. W/O the additive, you may as well be rubbing sand between the rear posi plates. You have a Caddy, your warrantee is 50K miles, your new diff will be dead long before that.


05-16-06, 02:41 PM
Their error.

They owe you a diff, accept nothing less.

No excuse for a dealer/service not to know what they are supposed to put in.

05-16-06, 03:33 PM
I had the same problem...i brought it back so they supposedly added the additive. Few days later, the whine and grinding(during u-turns) bacame louder and louder. I brought it back a another time and had a tech ride with me and of course he heard it and acknowledged it. when i picked my car up however, they said the tech couldnt hear it, so they did nothing. So, i did research and took it to another dealer 30-40 miles out. And so far they solved the problem.

the reason why they dont put the additive is because build code(i have an 05) doesnt show that we have posi...well of course they're wrong. so for those who bring there car in for diff related concerns, dont let them tell you otherwise.

1) The tech who was cool with me said that driving, for a short period, without the additive should not ruin any thing. the additive not only lubes, but suppresses noise between the plates. (of course im skeptical and want a completely brand new end....but for now im gonna ride it out and see what happens)

2) Like i said, the noise is, AS OF NOW, gone.

this what they did:
a. The tech flushed and refilled, with the additive of course.
b. Drove it a bit to filter through the sytem.
c. Did a final flush and fill.

oh he did mention that there is a tsb on procedures..so ask

Now i dont know much about cars, but this is what i was told and this is what was done to my v...hope this helps.

05-16-06, 04:46 PM
I already saw this movie. Want to know how it ends? :thepan:

wicked v
05-16-06, 07:17 PM
I just got off the phone with the dealer and they told me there is a new tsb saying the diff should be filled with fluid only, ran for ten minutes then refilled with fluid and additive. The problem is they didnt do that. Im the one that discovered additive was not used, they had no idea until I called them. Dealer said they would take care me regardless.They want me to bring it in refill with fluid and additive. Will see what happens, but I have feeling the whine,moan and clunk are still going to be there!

05-16-06, 08:10 PM
As long as it has GL5 lubricant the gears and hard parts will be okay.
The clutches will slip and grab if the "friction modifier" was not put in but they only "work" on turns so no real damage should have been done.

If the thing was going out before, it will probalby continue to go out but it shouldn't be because of the lack of the friction modifier.
It's just to let the limited slip plates, well.... slip.