View Full Version : When do I replace the AC Compressor

05-15-06, 07:58 AM
I have been a little nervous running my AC. I think the compressor is going and I am wondering what your guys thoughts are about when to replace it. The car has 102k on it and I already replaced the compressor clutch. The compressor has never been replaced as far as I know.

I have not put my gages on it yet so I don't know what the high and low pressures are. It still is cold when I do use it but I think I can hear it making noise. Is there a sign with the pressures of a failing compressor? Any other way to tell? Is it a good idea to just run it until it ceases (hate to do that).

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

05-15-06, 08:38 AM
There is no way to know when it is going to fail in advance of the failure. If you are concerned, then replace it before it fails, because it will be a lot less expensive. No clean up to do from the failure debris in the system. Murphy's Law says that if you do replace it prematurely (before it fails) that some other component of the car is also going to prematurely fail, so you will be spending even more money at close intervals. Your choice to defy Murphy's Law..... :bigroll:

05-15-06, 11:52 AM
You can put the gauges on it. Usually when the compressor is going the low side pressure will start to increase because of less suction. Normally the low side reads 30 to 50 lbs depending on ambient temp. When you see more than that there's a problem.Look at the high side it should be 200-250 lbs. If your sure it's making noise don't wait to replace it. I've seen people wait until the compressor locks up and the whole system gets loaded up with trash. If your lucky you can flush it, sometimes the entire system has to be replaced at that point.