: RWD Coupe 90's Conversion

05-14-06, 08:12 PM
Now mind you that this is still in thought process...
After seeing more and more Coupes being "90'ed out" I want to do one. Most i see are lowriders. Heck im supplying alot of parts to coupes that are going under the knife for a face lift.

Anybody here ever do it?
Id like to. But keep it Original. Make a 1990Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham Coupe.
I have all the parts.. i have 2 noses in my back yard... 3 cars worht of parts. Im selling it all, but have a whole 92 that is waiting to die. I love my 90 Brougham... and would have a hard time selling it. But I do have a bit more liking for the coupes. A coupe would fit me better too, im 17. I found a nice coupe in town for sale. a 84 with the......... ht4100. Low miles 85k. Nice shape, white white top. New paint. Not alot of rust. Best one i have seen in newenglend that is not a pristeine 30kmile garaged car. wants 1000 but i can get it for less. just that dammed motor.

Researching them though, i think a conversion would be eaiser on a Fleetwood Brougham Coupe... the better of the 2. the interior is more similar, like the door pull straps.. they are exact change up, just differnt wood colors. The regualr coupes have long strips with straps. also they have some stainless along the bottom, on the regual coupes they dont. id need that for the bodyside mouldings.

But the car is solid. Motor starts right up, was recently rebuilt, but guy said it had hesitaion... ehhhh Needs braake line and trans line.

It would be like a factory car, down to the hubcaps. But i dont know if id want to tackle the dash. I have a whole dash out, but tearing one out of a car that is gong to be junked is a little differnt. And i dont know how they convert the radio and digital instruments... Dash would work, i just think the midde of it, the horizontal vents and smaller radio is the problem. rest of the wood looks switchable.

Thats why if anyone has done it here,, i would really like to talk to you.

Here is a pic here i got form this site...
Id go white on red though..
Here would be the main donor car, along with the parts stuffed in my garage.

05-14-06, 08:54 PM
Making a change over like that is like rebuilding a fire damaged car. It is best to convert everything from one car to the other car, including the wiring. It is almost impossible to marry one year electrical to another years production. I know because I have attempted it in the past when cars were not as sophisticated as they are today, or 20 years ago for that matter. I have a 1978 and when I compare the electrical diagram from the 1977 service manual, they didn't even keep the same wiring for basic components, no less the more sophisticated items, such as cruise control. It is always easier to move body panels than any other component of the vehicle. Like you have said, when you remove a dash from a salvage car, it is a lot easier than replacing it in a working car. You know what a rats nest of wires and hoses are under those dashes....... decide if you are up to the task of attempting this project. At best, everything will work, at worse, you might just wind up with another parts car or a lot of experience taking it apart and putting it back together. I know that with my experience of 20+ years of repairing wrecks, fire damage or recovered theft vehicle repair, I wouldn't put the time and effort into it. The rewards are not worth the work in my opinion..... Junk..

05-14-06, 09:10 PM
People do it all the time check out http://www.layiylow.com theres millions of topic on this, some guys even get all the bodywork done in a weekend. It it best to start with a Fleetwood, but just as many start with a Coupe Deville, infact that what I was going to do with my '83 when I first got it, then I started to really like it original. Another way to do it that would be harded but much better in the end is to switch bodys, put a coupe shell on a '92 Chassis, thats the only way to really have a '90-'92 Fleetwood Brougham Coupe, anything less is just a body kit.

05-14-06, 09:54 PM
If you didn't low ride it, that would be freakin awesome! Custom guages!!