: Looking for a low buck drivetrain upgrade for 85-92 FW/Brougham?

05-14-06, 01:54 PM
I am selling my Suburban, which has the 96 Vortec 350 complete with 4L60E and PCM wiring and all. Make a killer upgrade to an acceleration limited 307 or 305 car.

255 hp/335 lb/ft torque. Runs great, doesn't burn a drop of oil, has typical minor leaks underneath. Very minor. I don't ever need to add oil between 7000 mile oil changes (I run soley 15W40). Truck gets mostly open freeway cruising. Well taken care of and not beat on. No trailer towing in the past 50K miles. Trans shifts great.


Very likely a to get better fuel economy than the HT4100 cars and probably match or better a 307, 305 L03 and L05 350 car.