: Keyless Ignition vehicle thefts

05-13-06, 09:38 AM
Everyone might want to read CNET online this month. There's an article about our remote keyless entry system. It can be found here:

10-23-12, 10:45 AM
I'm glad I found an article like this, sadly my 05 sts was hacked and broken into within seconds last night. It seems that there is still not much known about how to prevent this. Hopefully getting the word out will help others...

10-23-12, 10:59 AM
Very interesting read. I never would have imagine that such a thing could be possible but I'm also not surprised what criminals will do to beat the system.

10-23-12, 12:30 PM
I'm not too concerned about this happening. If they want in my car bad enough they'll figure out a way but the most they will get out of it besides likely trashing the car is an old classic iPod.

10-23-12, 12:39 PM
Surprised it's only a 40-bit encryption. Definitely secure in the 80's, not so much anymore.

I can't imagine bumping the encryption up to 128 or 256-bits on RFID packets would be too costly, but OTA encryption isn't exactly my specialty.

Sounds like a great business opportunity for someone with the know-how.

Maybe there is a way TrueCrypt can encrypt OTA data transfers??

10-23-12, 01:43 PM
That's a real eye opener. I never woulda dreamed this type of system would be so easy to bypass. Leaves me feeling a little less secure about my car.

10-23-12, 04:37 PM
Not cool. I though it was damn near unhackable.

10-23-12, 05:42 PM
If they want it, take it...full coverage and gap insurance, don't keep valuables in there...i'd just get a V :)

Not surprised though...

10-23-12, 10:36 PM
Locks only keep out the honest.

10-23-12, 11:35 PM
All I have to say is Damn it!

10-24-12, 12:00 AM
Wow, this thread was dug up from the archives!

Not really worried about my STS. This isn't exactly a popular car to steal. If I had an Escalade, I'd be a lot more concerned.

10-24-12, 01:55 AM
As someone else once said, Holy old thread Batman. But unfortunately Nic13 had it happen , so its reality now.

Charles Warren
10-24-12, 06:43 AM
i agree if they get mine ill buy a v. might even go with an xlr v

10-24-12, 09:31 AM
I just don't want the $&%@*s to take my V.

10-24-12, 10:55 AM
Nic13, I'm curious to know how you determined how your car was stolen. More details would be really informative. Thanks!

That article, is frustratingly low on information in places. Like, it seems to imply that ALL manufacturers use the same encryption type and key strength. I would find that kind of annoying that nobody can crack the '05 ECU or enable video in motion without a hardware hack, yet the one thing that should be safe, isn't...

Here's something I found: http://www.engadget.com/2007/08/24/atrd-m10-offers-fingerprint-scanning-for-your-car/

I bet that could replace (or silently augment) the start switch, if it really became an epidemic.

10-24-12, 12:32 PM
Chain your car to a power pole like a bicycle.

10-24-12, 01:55 PM
Chain your car to a power pole like a bicycle.

You called?


10-24-12, 02:20 PM
Lol eat

10-24-12, 03:39 PM
You guys will love this one, leave the car, steal the GPS!