: please help!!

ndogg ct
05-12-06, 01:56 PM
hey guys i am extra paranoid because i just took off my lpe inmtake because i have to go in for service and after installiong my stock airbox i noticed the maf sensor is about 1/2" or less away from the pulley.can someone please check they're airbox and assure me that the clearance between the pulley and the sensor is normal..thanks guys!!

05-12-06, 02:07 PM
That is about normal.

The way everything is shoehorned into the engine compartment, Cadillac figured that if it didn't hit or rub, it fits.

05-12-06, 02:08 PM

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ndogg ct
05-12-06, 02:10 PM
thanks guys i had a little trouble remembering what went where and figured the box itself was okay befcause the hioles lined up,nut was questioning the piping..thanks!!i feel a better..