: two torque sequences?

05-11-06, 01:50 PM
i've heard of two torque procedures for the heads now,

one is 22 lb/ft + 90 degrees + 90 degrees

i've also heard 30 lb/ft + 70 degrees + 60 degrees + 60 degrees
this 2nd procedure seems more related to the newer engines,

for a '94 northstar that's been timeserted, which sequence should i go with? thanks!

05-12-06, 10:18 AM
The original torque spec. for the early N* if I remember correctly is 22 lb/ft plus 60+60+60 degrees torque angle. Since you have time-serted the block any combination of the different torque values should work. After time-serting the block I used the 30 lb/ft plus 70+60+60 torque angle on mine but this was done using a torque angle gauge (which IMHO is a difficult tool to use accurately). When I do the next head gasket job on a N* I plan to use the 30 lb/ft plus 90+90 degrees of torque angle method and leave the torque angle gauge in the drawer.

05-12-06, 05:27 PM
thanks a lot! hopefully the heads will be on tonight then, and i'll get pics of my homemade locator dowels and post them up after i see how they work out.