: Headliner

05-11-06, 09:30 AM
Ok guys, I am getting ready to replace the headliner in my 80 Coupe Deville and was wondering if you guys could give me a ball park of what I can expect to spend. I noticed that is in 3 pieces, the 1 big roof panel, and then 2 seperate side pieces for the rear sides. Also, I need to have my sunvisors also redone because they are the same fabric as the headliner and the fabric on them has become loose too.

05-11-06, 10:17 PM
It's been a while since I had this done, but I don't remember it being terribly expensive. Perhaps $200-$300. It's only carboard, foam, and felt held together with glue and pastic clips after all.

Johnny Bravo
05-15-06, 10:39 PM
If you have an auto upolstery shop do the entire job then yes, it could run $200-$300 depending on your geographical area and which shop you chose.

On the other hand, if you are handy you could remove the headliner and sail panel boards yourself, strip off the old headliner material/foam and clean them up real nice with a garden hose, scrub brush, and soap and water.

Then you could bring the boards to the upolstery shop and have them recovered for under $100. If they want more than $100 just to recover, find another shop.
Visors are another $50-80 to have recovered (more or less).

If you want advice on how to remove/clean the headliner board let us know.

05-16-06, 09:02 AM
thanks for the info, you were almost exactly correct. They charged 205 for a new headliner and side panels. Dropped it off yesterday and will pick it up later in the week. I will post some pics of the new ride when I get it back.