: mystery oil leak

05-11-06, 07:06 AM
It seemed to be coming from rear main seal , timing cover gasket and oil pan gasket.
So while I had it out for tranny replacement I rounded up all the gaskets and seals and replaced.
Now it gets strange.
Overnite the engine sat on a pallet with sheet of cardboard under it and I noticed a "new" oil spot on the cardboard.
The drip was coming off the new timing cover and dripped off the lower edge just like before the gaskets were replaced.
What was odd is that I had the pan off,cleaned it up and no oil is yet in engine.
How could it leak if there wasnt any there? I got a good flashlight and found that the seam in the power steering tank was wet with fluid,which had run down the timing cover,dripped off,run into the valley pan,thru the weep hole at back of block,down the rear main,onto the oil pan gasket area.
Im sure I had a little oil seepage from these areas but an new PS pump tank would have most likely fixed most of the drips and saved alot of time and money.
The engine oil that was in car was clean before yanking drivetrain out so it looked just like the new style ps fluid.
Had it be the red fluid,like trans fluid I would have looked there first.Now freshed up seals,ready for another 130K.

05-11-06, 09:18 AM
Thanks for the heads up.

05-11-06, 11:01 AM
Yep....that isn't the first time that an "engine oil leak" has been cured by replacing the power steering pump.....LOL LOL Good catch, though.

05-11-06, 03:14 PM
Or in the case of my STS, it was the master cylinder that leaked down and underneath the engine!

05-19-06, 08:54 PM
not a drop on the garage floor now.
Best $85 ever spent,along with a lifetime warranty.