: '98 Olds Aurora 65 MPH Shimmy

01-25-04, 12:50 AM
Have had great luck with my Aurora, bought it two years ago with 42K, now has 56K. New tires (Michelin MXV4 Plus) all around, new brakes all around. Problem, between 62-67 MPH there is a shimmy in the steering wheel that drives me crazy. Tires have been balanced 2x. Vehicle is still covered under an extended service plan that basically mirrors the manufacturer's warranty. I hate taking my vehicle in for work blindly, like to have an idea what it may be before it goes in.

Any ideas?


01-25-04, 12:52 AM
Does your car have Stablitrack? Not sure if it was available on the Auroras.

c5 rv
01-25-04, 07:20 AM
If the problem started just after getting the new tires, keep taking it back to the tire dealer until they get it right. It took me three trips to the tire dealer to get rid of the steering wheel shake on my CTS when I bought winter tires and wheels. Check your mileage when you bring it in and pick it up to be sure they actually drove the car or take the service writer for a ride on the freeway.