: Why I Like The New Escalade

05-10-06, 05:13 PM
I hate SUVs. It’s not because I’m some whiny, tree hugging liberal who thinks they suck up all of our precious natural resources and destroy the environment. I drive a 1983 Coupe deVille, I could careless about the environment or non-renewable resources. The fact that the over whelming majority of people who buy SUVs will never go off road, tow a boat or haul a lot of cargo is part of it. The fact that three of my favorite cars, Caprice, Roadmaster and Fleetwood, were killed so their factory could be used to increase SUV production is another. I hate these monstrosities because they kill visibility when parked next to driveways or at the corner of an intersection. I hate them because their bumpers are higher than a passenger car’s and cause more damage than is necessary even in minor fender benders.

But for some reason I really like the new Escalade. I couldn’t put my finger on it for a long time. I mean it is the king of big, useless trucks after all. But today it dawned on me. I like the new Escalade because it’s the only Cadillac that still has that classic Cadillac spirit. It’s big, flashy, has lots of chrome, and moves faster than a vehicle of that mass has any right to. It’s the 1959 Eldorado of my generation.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all the other new Cadillacs. They are slowly but surely giving Europe and Japan something to worry about. And the V-Series is incredible. The naming system leaves a lot to be desired, I’d rather drive a car with name rather than initials. But the spirit of the 50’s and 60’s, hell even the 70’s and early 80’s, Cadillacs is gone. Ok, the DTS is supposed to be the Cadillac for the “traditionalist”, but as far as I am concerned it’s a direct descendent of the 1985 Deville and I use that car as my benchmark for the beginning of Cadillac’s fall. To me the Deville died after the 1984 model year.

So when I look at the current Cadillac line up, the only vehicle I see that I can say is even remotely related to my Coupe deVille is the Escalade. I congratulate you on a job well done with this vehicle; you have managed to capture the Cadillac essence in a modern form. Now if only you could apply this to a car. I believe you had one called the Fleetwood Brougham at some point in the mid 1990’s that fits this criterion. I think it’s time you realize you made a mistake when you killed it, and its platform mates, and bring back the classic Cadillac sedan. A coupe wouldn’t hurt either.

05-11-06, 08:07 AM
Compared to the former Escalade it's a 100% improvement. I saw the older Escalade and it has a very cheap looking interior with poor materials and a lousy layout. It looked more like a general Chevy Truck dash... The new interior looks good!

05-13-06, 01:08 PM
I'll just add that I fully agree and support that killing the Fleetwood, etc... was a wretched mistake, and also that if the Escalade is what Rob said, in deference to the "spirit," well done on that plane... with one stipulation...if it only weren't so unbelievably, sinfully, overtly, profusely and embarassingly, incredibly, binge-fully, hurtfully, abusively and ridiculously UGLY! It's not just flashy, it's ludicrous. The wheels are almost as tall as my mother, and it looks like a crate on wheels and is reminiscent of a baby elephant. Halfway there, don't get me wrong, but lacks the eloquence. I know I'm talking suggestive stuff here, but really... The first time I saw an Escalade, I couldn't stop laughing...

05-19-06, 11:35 AM
I wasn't a fan of any of the Escalade's but I would take a last gen Escalade over the current one any day of the week. The new one is ugly as hell and those portholes or whatever you want to call them on the sides of the truck look cheesy as hell