: Folks brought home a Malibu Maxx

01-24-04, 09:34 PM
we have been talking about this car for awhile , the tracker is far to dangerous of a truck to drive and most insurace comapny wont insure the tracker . they needed a car with insane ammounts of rear legroom for my whiny 13 year old brother who stands at a whopping 5 foot 3 inches tall . the only car he will ride in the back of is my caddy and he claims the leg room sucks in it . he wont ride in anything else without incessnt whining unless all front seats are all the way forward. my folks also needed something with decent gas milage and that could hold all the grocerys needed to keep the 13 year old happy (no small task)

so they looked at a MAXX , this car is the standard 05 malibu with a 6 inch strecth and slideing/reclineing rear seats ,telescope steering wheel and adjustble pedals , its based of the SAAB 9-3 epsion platform too .

this one has a 3.5 v6 but upon further poking under the hood it is only a enlarged 3.1 which is a form of the old 2.8 , nice thing here are the funny valve covers , most of the cover is part of the head with only the top of the cover being another peice , i dont think this car will ever leak oil from there

theres also a stuck in place sunroof for the back which is interesting , but a little too far back to do any good

then theres the tranny , it has a +/- on the side of the shifter where the relese button would normally be , its a hoot to shift this thing manually (even tho keeping things under 2500 rpm )

after a little seat time i can say this is one kickass little family car , GM did a great job on it and this is the first car i have seen where my 4 foot 10 inch tall mother can sit a full 12 inches from the airbag , someone finnaly realized everyone is not 5-5 +

01-25-04, 02:55 AM
Those Malibu's with that new 3.5 scoot too. I got flat outrun by one Fri afternoon. (Was driving the 99 Cutlass.) I have a feeling the new Malibu is sitting in the mid to high 15's. Pretty damn lively.

c5 rv
01-25-04, 10:35 AM
I test drove a new Malibu (non-Maxx) and thought it was a very competent car. Lots of nice features. I even considered it as a daily driver but my wife would hear of nothing except a CTS.

01-25-04, 07:03 PM
yup they bought it tonight , we ended up with a beatter "LT" model damn thing has 2 sunroofs , 3.5 v6 , rear audio (with headphones) and the standard reclineing/slideing seats but everything is done in perforated leather and chrome/brushed alum accents . really i think its the best family car out there , im very impressed