: Repositioning my rear axle????????

05-09-06, 09:05 PM
what up everyone, im in the middle of a complete teardown of my 90' brougham 350 tbi. Im painting it the 06' dts green satin, im in the process of straightening the body and im dropping in a 65"+45" sliding rag, should be complete in a few weeks and ready to spray{pics coming soon} Anyway the real question is I would like move the rear axle back 2-4 inches, beacause im putting 24'z on it, and i do not want to cut my "dogleg". if i could move it back then they would tuck :thumbsup: and look clean . How hard and involved would this be????????? Any comments or suggestions


05-11-06, 01:14 AM
I don't have one to look at but it's RWD so new control arms 2" longer and a longer driveshaft. If the top ones are the angled ones (and I think they are) you'll have to work something up so they swing without binding.

Brake lines will have to be replaced with longer ones if there isn't enough slack.

05-11-06, 01:12 PM
They make extended lower control arms for the Impala/Caprice, as they looked goofy (in my book) because the axle ended up too far forward in the 92-96 models. As for uppers, you will have to scour the boneyards and aftermarket.

Look at 70-76 B/CD Bodies
Look at 73-77 A/G Bodies
Look at 78-88 A/G Bodies
Look at 77-91 B/D Bodies (which you have)
Look at 92-96 B/D Bodies

Each for unique upper and lower arm lenghts. It will be a long process finding them all to measure. The aftermarket is best source. The 71-76 B/C/D bodies are the longest cars, so they might have something you can use.

Keep the proportions the same, if you get one longer than the other proportionally, or shorter, it will radially alter the rear end geometry, nosing the axle up or down, which can have dramatic effects on how the car drives.

I would highly recommend you talk to Dick Miller or Dick Miller racing for advice. He is THE guru of these rear suspensions.

05-11-06, 05:04 PM
thanks for the info, on monday i will find out the lengths of my trailing arms, upper and lower and start with calling junyards and see if they have what i need, if not i guess i will have to go aftermarket. would i be able to bolt it up and ride??????? or would there be any fab. needed?


05-11-06, 06:52 PM
There is some drag race adjustable uppers, I don't know if they can be extended that far or not, so if you got the long lowers and the adj uppers it might work. I don't know if they are safe for the street or not, but they look sharp!