View Full Version : Favorite Cadillac Moments: Reflections

05-09-06, 10:28 AM
Despite its myriad flaws, the Cadillac Fleetwood certainly has a strong personality! About 4500 pounds of personality! These are my favorite Cadillac Fleetwood moments:
1. Starting the V-8 in the morning. What a sound! I like opening the door to be greeted by soft leather, the hushed silence, and the reassuring heft of the door as it closes. I like the little whiff of rich exhaust as it comes to life.

2. I travel on an multi-lane interstate for about 20 miles and then the remaining 10 miles to work is on a rural divided highway with a speed limit of 55. The 93 Fleetwood makes a subdued rumble in the exhaust note at about 53-55 MPH that sounds cool. With the "Cruise Engaged" light glowing, I sit back and enjoy the sound only a V-8 can produce. It reminds me a little bit of an old Chris-Craft motorboat on a smooth lake at partial throttle.

3. Driving through a crowded city at rush hour makes the huge Cadillac seem noble and exclusive. I feel proud of my Cadillac as I guide it through the congested streets with dignified smoothness.

05-10-06, 03:03 PM
My reflections:

1. The day I took my wife to the house of the previous owner when I was considering buying the car. She wasn't happy with me for wanting another toy car, but when she saw the Caddy she said, "Wow, that is cool". She was sold, as was I.

2. My dad helped me do several modifications to this car, including the cam swap. He has since passed away, but I will have memories of him and I laboring on this and many of my cars (past and present ownership). Quality father/son time.

3. Being lined up a stoplight with a new Dodge Hemi Charger R/T, and surprising the hell out of him with a 4500-ish pound land yacht. At WOT this engine really SCREAMS, and boy does it sound good.

4. Waking up one morning to find my wife's car vandalized, and the Caddy parked in front of hers with almost every body panel keyed. A bad day got slightly better when the insurance company told me that it will get a full repaint at no cost to me, not even a deductible since the damage falls under "theft".

5. Brand new paint job on my car in November. Has flames on it even, which turns a few heads like a car of this pedigree should anyway. :)