: 19K mile 1980 SDV... What's it worth?

05-07-06, 05:26 PM
I know a gentleman locally who has a 1980 SDV, 368 engine in about as close to new condition as a car can be and still be used. This car is truly immaculate, except for a couple of dings on the hood. If they were not pointed out, you probably would not even notice them, after being taken back by how this car looks. It even smells new. I am wondering what it is worth.

He would like to sell it, and I'm thinking I might like it, but we have not even discussed numbers. Blue book values put it at right around $3000, but I can't imagine a NEW 1980 Cadillac is worth so little money.

It's a two tone brown, dark on top, lighter on the bottom color that is beautiful. It's pretty well loaded for a sedan, its not a fleetwood or anything like that. Just a super nice car. I'm interested to find out what other's would pay for this vehicle.

Thanks for any help!

05-07-06, 06:27 PM
Welll, if I wanted to buy a Brown car, $3,000.00 sounds about right in this particular case.


05-07-06, 11:00 PM
I like brown cars. It's a pretty car.http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i218/akimball442/P1010049.jpg

I think anyone would appreciate its beuatiful original condition.

05-07-06, 11:14 PM
I like that color combo, just ditch the mudflaps and get the wire wheelcovers

DopeStar 156
05-08-06, 09:50 AM
Mudflaps gotta go. Hubcaps are sexy though, they match the body color.....

That's what i love about the hubcaps on my car. I know they all had red centers, but mine match my body color so it just looks good.....

05-08-06, 03:22 PM
Yeah, I like the regular hubcaps too. On my olds 98 I ditched the wire wheels and went to the nicer late 70s model wheel covers. Wire wheels are noisy too, and I've had one case where it was actually the cause of a wheel that felt out of balance. The thing appeared to be in mint condition, but I even moved it from the rear to the front, and it just moved the vibration. As if one side was heavier (I guess that would have to be the case). I don't like the mud flaps either, I'd dump them. But I think the color combo looks good. Maybe I'll shrink down the pics and include more in my next post on here. It's really such a nice car, especially for its age. If it was a Coupe, I promise you I'd be looking at it out the window in my driveway right now. If anyone wants it, make offers. You can email me at akimball442 @ hotmail . com if interested. Thanks for the good replies guys!

05-08-06, 03:48 PM
I never really liked the two tone Caddies. It has nothing to do with that particular car either, I own the king of all brown Cadillacs after all. I just think that two tone paint jobs should have stayed in the 1950's. I'm not feeling those hubcaps either. Even though it only has 19,000 miles I'd let it pass. If you go for that look though and you can pick it up at the $3,000 blue book price, definately go for it.

05-08-06, 04:06 PM
I like the way it looks with the 2 tone paint. And I like those hubcaps a lot better then the wire ones. But I like the way Fleetwoods and Broughams look a lot better with the chrome that normal DeVilles don't have. It just looks like there's something missing without it. That one looks different too without the vinyl roof.

05-08-06, 07:01 PM
nice looking caddy , we had one in 1991 just like that, beautiful car , it had electrical grimlins to no end though, and the ccc carb was a major pain in the rear, but when it ran it was it was an great and fun ride, cold a/c too,
we sold it because of all of the problems, it only had 30k miles
one of the nicest looking and rideing cars we ever owned:)

05-08-06, 10:28 PM
Luckily, this is a 1980. If ever there was a decent one of this body to get... you get the 368 engine, with a conventional, Non CCC, no wires anywhere quadrajet, and a regular distrubutor with a vacuum advance. No BS here.. just a regular standard vintage engine that runs to no end. I'm sure it could use plugs and an accelerator pump, but it'll kill any 307... and a proplerly running 307 moves those cars OK. Its common to put a 350 in, and everyone loved those.. this is the 368 without the notorious 8/6/4 mess on it. So its still a big block.

05-08-06, 11:35 PM
You didn't say it was 2-=tone.

If you pass on this one...let me know.

ALL of a sudden...I like brown.


05-09-06, 12:00 AM
I think it would look better if the dark was on the bottom and the "german chocolate" color was on top...

05-09-06, 12:00 AM
This car is gorgeous. All that matters is that a beautiful, original example like this finds a new home with an intelligent, appreciative and proud new owner, who will store, maintain, show and pamper it like crazy. Forget the fact that it looks a little different from a 'better' Cadillac without the additional rocker trim, or vinyl top. Maybe it's a lower-option car, but it should be celebrated for what it is. There were different levels of Cadillacs produced, and it'd be nice to see examples of all those preserved for the future. If you can give that car caring home for a while, then I say do it. It's a great chance to have such a pretty two-tone car. Heck, I'd even leave those mudflaps on.

By the way akimball442, I'd love to hear about/see some pictures of your Olds 98 sometime. I love the look of those cars.

05-09-06, 12:29 AM
^ What a mature, profound statement!

I'm gonna be pissed if that car gets turned into a lowrider!!!

05-09-06, 08:46 AM
That thing is georgous. Buy it man, buy it.

If I was there, I would.

05-09-06, 11:09 AM
Very nice. You must buy it. You must save it!

My 2nd car (when I was 20) was a 1980 Seville with that very same two-tone. Biggest POS I ever owned and since then I've sworn off front-drive GMs. Every feasible thing went wrong with it.

I often wonder if I would have bought my 68 back then... would I still have it? Or would I have been an idiot kid and trashed it or traded it.

$3K sounds like a fair deal, especially if you know the guy and it's been well maintained.

05-09-06, 04:28 PM
Well, the good compliments are growing. I can't get it for $3000. The gentleman who owns it does not want to take less than $6500 for the car, his father bought it new and he inhiereted it. Its certainly a nice example. I did mention in my first post its two tone, franko :). It really is beautiful. I cant decide if the 6500 is a fair price.

As for another comment, I'd probably shoot anyone who tried to turn it into a lowrider. I'm all for modifying cars, especially these ones, to a degree. customizing, if you will. Even dumping those DT's and putting in a nice big block, or olds 350. However, Taking a fine vehicle like that and destroying it with a stupid suspension is just a terrible idea.. I agree. I have some influence in who buys it, and I will be sure that whoever does will appreciate it for what it is, and treat it as so. I'd love to have it for long trips, but if I had the money to buy it myself, I'd probably get a coupe, or a fleetwood coupe. Just a thought.

05-09-06, 04:29 PM
PS. I have many many more pictures if anyone would like to see them.

05-09-06, 04:46 PM
Post em! I wanna see the interior!! Lots more shots!!

05-09-06, 10:45 PM
For a low original mileage, one owner car, 6500 is a fair price. Only you can decide if it speaks to you enough to buy it. But definitely lose the mud flaps.


05-10-06, 03:06 PM
6500 is mroe than fair, you dont go by blue book value, you go by classic car value. its got a damned 368! BUY IT SOMEONE...and do me a favor and throw some exhaust on for me..i wanna hear it so badly