: Fuel pump question on 2005 STS V6

05-07-06, 03:18 PM
2005 STS V6 1300mi.
I posted this previously under "Self leveling suspension noise". However, upon further inspection, the noise appears to be coming from the right fuel tank.
A summary:
This does not happen all the time but happens more often than not. If either the driver or front passenger outside door handle is pulled (locked or unlocked/ with or without remote present) then for 2 to 3 seconds a hissing/whirring sound comes from the right fuel tank area followed by about 10 seconds of a high pitched electrical sound. Our STS V8 does not do this and neither did any of 10 new STSs at the dealership.
Today I finally got out the ramps and jack stands and carefully backed the STS onto the ramps. With jackstands in place I crawled under the car and the sound is clearly coming from the right fuel tank area. Unless there is some other pump/mechanism above the right fuel tank, then the sound must be from within the right fuel tank.
Why would this be connected to the function of the front outside door handles? A short? Computer malfunction?
I now have more info to discuss with the dealer.
I will let you know when I have a definitive answer.

Anyone with a similar experience?