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Benjamin Simon
05-07-06, 03:16 PM
I am in the market for an STS. I really want to have all of the options. I had some questions about the Tuscany leather. I am buying used to save cash, so sometimes it is hard to find out which options I have. What are the advantages to the Tuscany leather? I can see it is a pricey option in buying new. Is it worth caring about? I am looking for cars over the net thus I only have some pictures of the cars. Is there a way of telling if it has Tuscany leather? I think any STS with 9 spoke wheels has all of the options including Tuscany leather.

05-07-06, 04:04 PM
Tuscany leather is available on the STS V8. It requires purchase of the STS V8 Luxury Performance Package (2005 optional with this package/2006 standard with this package.) or Premium Luxury Performance Package (standard with this package both years). The Tuscany leather seats have leather on all surfaces (front, sides and backs) while the Nuance leather is leather on the seating surfaces only. So, yes, Tuscany leather requires the higher optioned packages.
Nine spoke wheels are more likely to have come with Tuscany leather but you could get Tuscany leather with 7-spoke wheels (luxury performance package) and anyone could have added the 9-spoke wheels to their STS.
Hope this helps.