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05-07-06, 02:02 PM
Ive been reading this forum for months now. there is so much info here i could read for hours. but now if possible i need some info. I have a 1990 fleetwood brougham with the 307 Yvin. my transmission is slippin in first and shaking real bad and ive had trouble with the engine in the past.I have a 1986 camaro out back with a carburated 305 with a TH700r bolted up to the back of it. The engine is built up with new manifold, cam, headers, bearings, seals and gaskets .i want to get rid of the vacuum and computer that cuases so much problems. IS this possible? and how much work and what exactly would it take?

05-08-06, 05:26 PM
Sure, this is do-able. Since the 350 Chevy was optional in '90 mated to a 700-R4, you'll be able to swap the motor and trans in pretty easily with some new motor mounts, a new trans cross-member, and a driveshaft. If you can find in the junkyard or even a parts car a '90 with a 350, or any '91 or '92 (either motor is SBC in these years), you should be able to swap over easily enough. One more thing, if you can find a '90-'92 car with a 350, it's a tow-package car and has a 8.5" 10-bolt rear-end! Good luck!

05-09-06, 01:20 PM
thanks alot. The project will be taking off this week im goin to post so pics in the next few weeks.

05-09-06, 05:20 PM
Looking forward to it! Best of luck. :thumbsup: