: Intermittent total electrical failure (hopefully) solved

05-05-06, 05:16 PM
About a month after major mods (maggie, sound system upgrade with amps, 10" subwoofer), started to have intermittent electrical failure...first while sitting at light, entire electrics shut down, then immediately came back up, without killing the engine. This progressed to intermittent non-starting, then suddenly coming back up, with total reset to all default settings (clock to 12:00), auto window up lost requiring resetting, digital gauges back to default displays). Then it happened while driving at night, about to enter the 405, and everything died including the engine, head-and-tail lights, power steering, power brakes...fortunately was able to pull into a lot and call AAA. While waiting for the tow, the electrics came back up, with full cranking power, etc. Had it towed for fear of a repeat anyway. We initially thought it was a faulty Magnavolt, although Magnuson hadn't heard of this happening, then found the high current drain stereo componants were tied into the same circuit as the Magnavolt, and presumably were overloading the system. It's now rewired, so we'll see. Scary to go dead in the water at night while moving, without power or lights. :eek:

blown black caddy
05-05-06, 09:45 PM
Did you call Peter and tell him? :stirpot:

05-06-06, 12:36 AM
Yes, his shop (SVC) has done all the work, and was on it immediately the next morning until fixed. We initially suspected the Magnavolt, due to the intermittency, without evidence for battery failure. He was going to swap out the Magnavolt until the overload issue became apparent (he changed his stereo installer after this!).